Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stirring and humorous annotations were made on the latest stories on Jennifer Aniston’s Publicity, Kelly Osbourne’s Gynecologist Bill, and Victoria Beckham’s “Hotfullness”, as well as a Story about America’s favorite Fish faced Actress.

Topic Highlights = There were some amusing and enjoyable remarks made about a Sarah Palin impersonator and a shameless has-been Comic but there was no affection for actress Christa Campbell.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to Dutch48, who is well known for his elegant and witty comments on many News stories and topics (See Below for Focus on Dutch48)

News Comments

Bernhard Upset After Being Cut From Boston Benefit

By: NPHFan101( 190)
What the heck is wrong with her lips?

By: user193( 303)
she puts the FU in fugly!

By: Angelina Aniston ( 54)
please starpulse, no more pics of SB.

Pamela Anderson Urges Cate Blanchett To Snub Armani

By: 2sugha( 643)
She should be boycotting the silicon factory.

Slideshow: Hair Challenged Musicians - Who's The Worst?

By: Alter-Ego( 432)
Steve Howe may have the whole 'skullet' thing going on these days, but there's no denying he's one of the best guitarists out there.

Slideshow: Victoria Beckham - Hot Or Not?

By: Tom Sizemore( 11884)
I take craps with more personality than Victoria Beckham.

By: Squints ( 2264)
Wasn't she in Species?

By: 2sugha ( 643)
Better take another look, Fellas....That's Miss Piggy's daughter on crack.

Kim Kardashian Booted From 'Dancing With The Stars'

By: jchdz( 30)
thats too bad,i guess no more looking at that nice *@@##!

Scarlett Johansson's Wilderness Wedding

By: Felix Lassiter( 2495)
Ha Ha That's big foot country not ugly chick hang out.

By: Squints ( 2264)
I can see Russia from there

Kelly Osbourne's Frequent Sex Check-Ups

By: carmal delight( 1729)
thats gross, I hope her partner(s) puts a bag over her head b4 they hit the sheets

By: A-stherror( 644)
Thats one paranoid woman.

By: Tom Sizemore ( 11903)
I feel bad for all the guys she rapes.
BikerChick, please don't call this troll a "chick"

By: janetkirk ( 652)
Tom, what is a troll?

Hugh Hefner Wants Sarah Palin To Pose For Playboy

By: SuzanneSB( 1)
Give me a break! Mother Theresa would have sooner agreed to appear nude in Playboy as Sarah Palin. What a bogus request!

By: 2sugha ( 643)
Heff, PLEASE DON'T.....Russia can be seen from Alaska and she's an expert on Foreign policy...if she poses nude, she'll be an expert on Health Care.

Billy Joel To Aid NY Clammer's Kin With Funeral Costs

By: Tom Sizemore( 11851)
I just saw "Clam Digger" and thought this was a Lindsay Lohan article.

Jennifer Aniston Hits Back At Publicity Stunt Allegations

By: Tom Sizemore( 11884)
Hitting back at publicity stunt allegations is a publicity stunt.

David Letterman Unloads on McCain For Not Showing Up

By: alicat2008( 864)
One question? What will we all argue about when the election is over??????

Slideshow: Fall Out Boy Vs. My Chemical Romance

By: Marcus Garvey( 1763)
better headline: "Gay vs. Gayer"

Topic Comments

Tina Fey

By: krazy5( 1)
Tina Fey should do her own rallies as Sarah Palin and see how much of a crowd she can gather!

Gucci Mane

By: football1( 7)
gucci mane is fi i like the way he rapes

Die Another Day

By: skj203( 27)
it is always better to die another day than today

Pan's Labyrinth

By: srollem( 1533)
Masterpiece, one of the best films Ive ever watched. Beautiful to look at, beautiful & dark story, great dialogue, superb acting. Adult fantasy at its best.

Andrew Dice Clay

By: lovetheweasel( 1081)
gotta appreciate a shameless man.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

By: NPHFan101( 190)
shes stupid

Lauren Conrad

By: NPHFan101( 190)
Shes superficial

Lil' Wayne: Come Up - Wayne's World

By: peanut314( 1)
I think Lil Wayne is the best ever. Im a gay woman and he is the only man that will make me go back. I wouldnt care if he was wrapping about eating a turkey sandwich,id still listen and think it was the X@@##!.

Christa Campbell

By: clifford01( 14)
she used to be beautiful! Looks like she's been around the block a few times. Yuck! Too much plastic surgery or something. She's fat, and looks 40, it's time to retire Christa, do something behind the camera, you are not getting better with age, that's for sure.

Boy George

By: Darrell52( 21)
Faded, Jaded. Time to RETIRE

Synyster Gates

By: syngates( 2)
i think synyster gates is the greatest and coolest guitar player ever and i want to be just like him


By: chunky lover 53( 8222)
Queue the Red State Outrage in 3...2...1

How I Met Your Mother

By: NPHFan101( 89)
The best show ever NPH deserved that emmy!

Focus on Dutch48

Memorable Stoner Movie Scenes

I must have been stoned. I don't remember a thing about these movies.

Shannen Doherty The Marine Biologist?

I would think sharks would be afraid of her.

Hindu Scholars Want Apology From Natalie Portman

Natalie should apologize to 'EVERYONE'.

Scarlett Johansson's Wilderness Wedding

Good for them. I give it 6 months.

Gluteus Maximus: A Starpulse Salute To The Celebrity Booty

The ones that got it;got it. The ones that don't; don't, and won't.

Woody Allen Says Therapy Worked For Him

Was all this therapy before or after you started doin' your step-daughter?

Elizabeth Hurley Flashes Underwear At Charity Event

Wearing underwear, how novel.

The L Word

Anybody who likes clam dip can't be all bad.

Dixie Chicks

Seems Natalie was right about Bush. Y'all keep on doin' what you're doin'.