Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most stirring and comical annotations were made on the latest stories on the completely shocking and stunning Gay Aiken story, Chris Kattan’s Break-up, and C.Nor’s political views, as well as a Story about Paris’ Porn Portrait.

Topic Highlights = There were some gracious and pleasant remarks made about Richard Dean Anderson and actress Mimi Rogers on the other hand, there even more love and affection for Justin Timberlake, Marilyn Manson and acting legend Robert Loggia.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to NPHFan101, who is well known for his/her smart and witty remarks on many News stories and topics (See Below for Focus on NPHFan101)

News Comments

Clay Is Gay: Aiken Comes Out Of The Closet

By: Marcus Garvey( 1746)
next thing i know youll be telling me rock hudson was gay too

By: Gossipluvr( 81)
Clay looks like Pee Wee Herman... I got a 3rd degree burn the first time I saw him on AI

By: Keeyley( 740)

By: 7thsamurai( 1)
I am Tom Anderson from Sacramento, I love Clay he my kind of man.

By: mariastar( 1)
Glad you are out because it does not make a difference, I am still a claymate! and will always be.

Lily Allen Blasted Over Gun Necklace

By: taralynn ( 990)
yeah! because everyone knows that if she takes that necklace off all violence will stop.

By: lovetheweasel ( 1081)
i, for one, feel that my nickle plated gat is WAY fashionable

Shia LaBeouf's Mom Lives In 'Wizard Of Oz' Star's Little Castle

By: Marcus Garvey( 1746)
shes obviously very eccentric. after all, she did name her kid $hit the beef

Chris Kattan's Wife Files For Divorce

By: Ripped and Torn( 694)
You gotta really love cocaine to marry Chris Kattan.

Kid Rock Launches Beer Line

By: Felix Lassiter( 2454)
Ha Ha Kid Rock is set to launch his own brand of beer called Red Neck Piss.

Former 'Dukes' Star Caught With Marijuana

By: taralynn ( 990)
marijuana and moon shine....sounds like a good time.

Chuck Norris Backs McCain/Palin

By: BikerChick ( 822)
Chuck Norris doesn't look both ways before he crosses the street... he just roundhouses any cars that get too close.

By: janetkirk ( 584)
Chuck Norris sleeps with the light on, at night, even though he makes the dark, afraid. heee,heee

By: Squints ( 2253)
Chuck Norris can roundhouse kick Russia from his house.

By: janetkirk ( 584)
Chuck Norris poos out the Rubics Cube, SOLVED.
Maybe we should vote for him for our next President! LOL

By: Long_live_MUSE1978 ( 9536)
Chuck Norris once made a roundhouse kick so fast, his foot broke the time continuum, went back in time, and killed Amelia Earhart while she was flying over the Pacific Ocean.

Shia LaBeouf's Crush On Drew Barrymore

By: Dutch48( 58)
He's got a better shot with Harrison Ford

Return Of Denise Richards' Reality Show Looks Grim

By: GOONKA( 8)
ugh - her show sucks. I'm not a fan of New York by any means, but if had to choose between NY and Denise: I'd suffer through NY and her big mouth mother ::shudder:: that's saying a LOT.

By: taralynn ( 990)
Her show should be named Diary of a shedevil.

Paris Hilton Portrait Shown In NYC Is Made Of Porn

By: Dutch48( 58)
Paris Hilton IS porn, and not very good porn, at that.

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds Wed

By: Johnsangel( 822)
She is kinda ugly,but congrats anyways!

By: Dutch48( 58)
Well, I guess I'll just have to shoot him.

Clay Aiken Thought His Homosexuality Was A 'Phase'

By: chunky lover 53( 8166)
Clay, did you try Praying the Ghey away like the Rev. Ted Haggard?
He is 90% not Ghey now.

High School Musical Star Jailed

By: Dutch48( 13)
Ron White says you can't fix stupid. Perhaps not, but it seems to be redefined daily.

Britney Spears Using Another Snake In Music Video

By: The H8R( 561)
Normally she's a fan of the Southern trailer trash trouser snake.

Topic Comments

Richard Dean Anderson

By: durcy99( 8)
He is one hot old man.

Mimi Rogers

By: brennos( 9)
that winnig smile, posture, acting, choise of wardrobe ... great women. A very high MILF factor.

Justin Timberlake

By: marleena maynard( 5)
justin timberlake is a major hottie and i wud kill to see someone else end up with him

Grandma's Boy

By: alicat2008( 804)
too funny

Travis Barker

By: kate luvs chris( 6)
how u durin'

Robert Loggia

By: Marcus Garvey( 1746)
just got his autograph and a lock of his chest hair. score!

Keira Knightley

By: Tom Sizemore( 11824)
Keira Knightley is AWFUL. So pointless and typecast and not hot.

Marilyn Manson

By: Hambrookart( 2014)
oh he doesn't worship the Devil alright.The Devil worships HIM

Alan Rickman

By: rickman( 1)
i think hes great and ilove him sooooooooooo much


By: carmal delight( 1694)
This movie was whack

Anna Kournikova

By: Dutch48( 58)
The best tennis player who never won a major tournament.

Focus on NPHFan101

Sandra Bernhard

she the fifth ugliest celebrity the jo bros and miley cyrus are the ugliest

Lindsay Lohan

clay aiken says its your turn

High School Musical

HSM is so 2006. Zanessa need to get a life. Lucas Gabriel is gay, Zac Efron is also. Vanessa Hudgens is annoying and she took pics for Joe Francis. There is only one person I think is ok and thats Ashley Tisdale.

Courtney Love

she was funni what she said about the jonas brothers calling them pasty and saying that they killed rock n roll

South Park

The only cartoon i'll ever love

Hannah Montana

By: NPHFan101( 78)
The dumest thing to come on planet earth I HATE THIS STUPID SHOW!