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News Highlights = This week's most motivating and amusing observations were made on the latest stories on Pete Wentz’s Health, Snoop’s European Vacation , and George Michael latest drug bust, as well as a Story about Denise Richard’s T.V. Future.

Topic Highlights = There were some friendly and enjoyable comments made about Neil Patrick Harris and rapper Lil Wayne however, there was no love or fondness for Gene Wilder, Pamela Anderson or Porn legend Ron Jeremy.

News Comments

Pete Wentz Battles Insomnia, Among Other Problems

By: taralynn ( 933)
i thought everyone already knew he was a sissy.

Luke Wilson To Star In Movie About Internet Porn

By: LifewithMeaning( 1)
Why would we want a movie about this issue? Honestly, Internet Porn has changed the way sexaulity is viewed. It has destoryed marriages, emptied bank accounts, and ruined lives. Do something more with your life. Get help. Check out SeeNoEvil's website for resources.

Paris Hilton Denies Coyotes Killed Her Dogs

By: lovetheweasel( 1061)
good for them, they are DEFINATELY in a better place

By: Felix Lassiter( 2423)
Ha Ha Her menagerie has also included a monkey, a ferret and an exotic kinkajou she also has a cellar dweller named Lance Longfellow.

Christina Milian Signs With MySpace Records

By: Tom Sizemore( 11773)
She has nice bazooms.

Snoop Dogg Breaks Holland's Smoking Ban

By: wheelio( 9)
Amsterdam makes me laugh, it is a cool country, what other country would rule that you cannot smoke tobacco but you can smoke grass, that makes about as much sense as saying you can only drive a car while naked and if you have any clothes on you will be arrested.

Brad Pitt Donates Money To Support Gay Marriage

By: Marcus Garvey( 1739)
he should definitely be donating to a sarah palin "pray the gay away" camp instead

By: msdaff3( 3)
BEING GAY IS WRONG AND NASTY. Brad Pitt must be in the closet about his sexuality if he's donating that kind of money to such a unworthy cause. Whats up Brad are you GAY too?

By: Marcus Garvey ( 1739)
anyone who mentions god on an entertainment website should be shot in the face

Paul McCartney Wants Peace In Israel

By: Felix Lassiter( 2423)
Ha Ha Peace? Where's the money in that?

By: luvsBeatles ( 1)
Paul Don't go! I love you! They don't need peace!

Slideshow: Jessica Vs. Ashlee Simpson

By: Hambrookart( 2002)
ashlee is better because she doesn't have 2 big brains with nipples on them

George Michael Arrested For Drug Possession

By: taralynn ( 982)
if you think thats bad you should see what he does with hamsters

A Led Zeppelin Reunion With No Robert Plant?

By: wheelio( 9)
Maybe they should try replacing Robert Plant with Elton John,he would be the natural choice..

By: Marcus Garvey( 1739)
led zeppelin - robert plant = not led zeppelin

A Salute To The Head Explosion

By: Felix Lassiter( 2436)
Ha Ha Is that in both giving and getting?

Amy Winehouse's Husband Chooses Prison Over Rehab

By: Bill Brasky( 163)
if i was married to Amy, i would opt to stay in prison too.

Return Of Denise Richards' Reality Show Looks Grim

By: stanford( 8)
i am sick of denise richards! why dosen't go back to where she came from. she is a big phony. she should give her kids to their father. i hope her stupid show never comes back.

By: taralynn ( 983)
Her show should be named Diary of a shedevil.

By: pretty0001 ( 3)
I watched her show for approx. 30 seconds and If I was forced to watch it again (listening to her %@@##!, moan and cry), I would stick needles in my eyes and shove Q-tips in my ears until they bled..

Jessica Simpson Thanks Boyfriend For Putting Up With Her Gas

By: Star~13 ( 1004)
he should hold the blanket over her head until shes unconscious from the smell.

By: baikencrook ( 13)
I hear Hitler had the same problem. Hopefully she does a better job in overcoming this than he did.

By: usa 1( 16)
Who cares what you do.You can not sang or act the only thing you got going for you is beauty on the outside not the inside. STAY AT HOME DO NOT GO TO THE COWBOYS GAMES YOU ARE BAD LUCK. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH NICK.

Topic Comments

Neil Patrick Harris

By: NPHFan101( 14)
Hottest guy alive

Lil Wayne

By: suicide_angel_17( 2)
lil wayne is the only reason i'm alive anymore he is so X@@##! hot!

New Kids On The Block

By: Veronica78( 2)
I'm sure the guys will never know how much their return means to all of us

Abe Vigoda

By: chunky lover 53( 8158)
Staying alive, staying alive ah ah ah ah ah ahhhhh Staying aliveeeeeeeeeeee

Gene Wilder

By: Galfo( 2)
I have never seen a movie that was bad or even ok with Gene in it

David Beckham

By: woonsocketrocket( 3)
Very well may be the sexiest man in America. I'm not even gay but I'd have sex with him !

Brad Dourif

By: chucky_killer_doll( 1)
i think his chucky movies were the best he should make more...

Pamela Anderson

By: dannygirl95( 6)
her boobs are so big their are lovely

Ron Jeremy

By: NPHFan101( 14)
Fat and ugly

Richie Sambora

By: Bonjovigirl( 1)
i love him i think he's great and i wish the media would stay off his back and leave him alone..cant stand the negative comments about him