Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights
= This week's most electrifying and witty annotations were made on the latest stories on Kirsten Dunst’s political views, Amy Winehouse’s Inspiration, and J.Lo raising her kids, as well as Diddy and his sexual prowess.

Topic Highlights = There were some kind and thoughtful remarks made about Pam Dawber’s and Rachel McAdams’ personal appearance and a lot of love (Maybe Too Much) was given to actors Tim Curry and Ana Ortiz.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to another repeat offender Felix Lassiter for his very enjoyable and perceptive observations. The STARPUSLE task Force also did notice that Felix has changed his Avatar from his usual pen writing on paper to the more ominous and gloomy World War III avatar, we hope all is well in the land of Lassiter. (see below for Felix)

News Comments:

Sandra Oh Tries To Turn Co-Stars Vegan

By: Agent Smith ( 4206)
She'll never get T. R. Knight to give up meat.

'Death Race' Producers Accused Of Plagiarism

By: Angelina Aniston( 33)
that's unpossible

Sienna Miller's Home Is Vandalized

By: Marcus Garvey( 1570)
they shouldve just put a big red A, that wouldve been classier

Gluteus Maximus: A Starpulse Salute To The Celebrity Booty

By: MCB( 8)
Greatest SP feature of all time. Please build on this....

Slideshow: Alluring Anna Faris

By: SilentBob( 2064)
She wrecked her looks with the trout pout injections

Ellen DeGeneres: 'I'm The Luckiest Girl In The World'

By: chunky lover 53( 7803)
"No one else gets her. And now she'll cook and clean for me."
That's funny, I remember Archie Bunker said that about Edith on "All In the Family" in the episode titled = "Get Back In the Kitchen and get me my Chicken pot pie"

Kirsten Dunst Backs Obama

By: kahuna( 7)
this women couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel

By: lovetheweasel ( 959)

By: Gossipluvr( 32)
maybe they didn't hear her right... sounds like she may have been whistling through those nasty vampire fangs of hers... you'd think she'd have them shaved down by now...

By: az4ever ( 1)
anyone that backs osama bama is a fool

'Harry Potter' Movie Bosses Fear Flop

By: Marcus Garvey( 1537)
i cant imagine this movie will flop with all the other crap thats being put out. then again, i didnt think george w. bush could get elected twice either

Amy Winehouse Using 'The Wizard of Oz' For Album Inspiration

By: delinan( 170)
Yea Amy, go follow the yellow brick road, and
don't come back.I am sure the wizard will find
you something nice to snort!

By: Marcus Garvey( 1531)
if by "using it for inpiration" she means doing lines of crystal meth off the dvd case then i totally buy it

Jennifer Lopez Raising Twins Without Nanny

By: SilentBob( 1990)
Does her a$$ stay at home and watch the kids when she goes out for tacos?

By: lovetheweasel( 952)
probably the first cool thing she has ever done

Donald Trump Plans For A Sixth Child

By: delinan( 167)
Yuck. By the time he has taken his dentures out and his hairpiece off, think he will be far too knackered to make anymore little 'Trumps'.

Microsoft Picks Jerry Seinfeld To Promote Windows

By: eingriff( 1)
Haiku to Windows:
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it does not work.
Windows is like that.

Khloe Kardashian To 'Apprentice' Under Trump?

By: kahuna( 16)
this girl, joan rivers and dennis rodman? My god it will be hard to find a complete sentence with all three combined.Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool. A buisiness apprentice? These mental midgets couldnt run a one car funeral

By: taralynn ( 765)
oh she'll be "under" trump alright.

Hilary Duff Engaged?

By: Marcus Garvey( 1531)
there are laws against marrying horses in 49 states (sorry mississippi)

Toby Keith Says 'Beer' Movie Set Was All Business

By: rubymarie1946( 1)
Does this comment go to Toby Keith?I cant believe you would support Obama, a democrat!

Tom Cruise Flies Across U.S. To Walk Wife To Work

By: Felix Lassiter( 2214)
Ha Ha He flew all night, to get to her, can that be true? if it is, he really is gay.

By: Tom Sizemore( 11417)
Lord Xenu's carbon footprint is large

By: janetkirk ( 294)
Great leave your carbon foot prints all over the sky, as if your rich a;sdjf;lsdjk isn't bad enough. Now he is globally not thinking at all, what a schmuck!

Zac Efron: 'Mothers Adore Me'

By: TV Addict( 1350)
"Mothers Adore Me...because they know I won't sleep with their daughter"

By: Tom Sizemore ( 11519)
Headline should read:
Zac Efron: 'Mothers Adore Me...So Do Guys In Cowboy Hats At "The Man Hole"'

Olympics Slideshow: Usain Bolt Breaks 200M World Record!

By: Squints( 2208)
Rumer Willis' chin is usainly large

AMC's 'Mad Men': Not So Politically Correct, But A Winner

By: lovetheweasel( 977)
ahh, the good old days when women knew their place

Slideshow: Who Is The Sexiest Male TV Doctor?

By: Dee Doyle( 124)
Everyone but Matthew Fox is correct. He looks like a rat. Eck.

Diddy The Sexual Olympian?

By: Pears328( 38)
I take it that u really love yourself and love being the center of everyones attention, that's in your presence!A man with swagger doesn't or shouldn't tell or brag about his bedroom secrets.For,his actions should speak louder than his words.Sean,what is your secret?Since you want to put ur business out there like that,tell me what is your secret?That is of your hours and hours of love making sesions.Is red bull the main ingredient of these love making sessions.I desire to learn and know!So,you say your the sex olympian?I am very curious to know about your love making sessions.Is it all natural or enhanced?Don't take it personal or get affended by what I am asking or saying.You should expect this type of feedback if you allow certain websites to post articles about you.Why would a man with swagger brag/boast of his bedroom moments?It seems as if you are trying to get attention?Perhaps,your trying to get someones attention!If,your as good as you say you are,then you must have made many videos.Let's see,after hours and hours of your sessions,you want to eat a turkey&cheese sandwich.Sean,let me ask?? Has anyone ever made love to you for many hours and gave you the chills(goosebump factor).I guess not...that's why you haven't made a woman,your wife.Smile. So,it seems that you like to take control in the bedroom.I think sometimes a woman should take control and let the man lay back.I know what you really want and haven't got??I know you better than you can ever imagine!Do you!

By: Marcus Garvey ( 1531)
win a gold medal for sex? diddy did it

By: taralynn ( 727)
yeah he's a great lover according to his hand!

By: itsmeoverhere ( 20)
I am sure his "diddy" is small.

Topic Comments

Pam Dawber

By: pcartier( 16)
She looks great

Tim Curry


Britney Spears

By: kandi roe( 1)
she should go back the way she was

Rachel McAdams

By: chasitycutie07( 102)
u are very pretty and i loved u in the notebook it is so awesome that u and ryan are together and u are a beautiful couple please stay together

The Dark Knight

By: pat w( 3)
Don't waste your money going to the theatre, if you must see this movie wait until it's out on dvd. The beginning of the movie is boring, the action is not memorable, and the plot is predictable. Also, if Heath Ledger is nominated for anything due to his acting in this movie: In my opinion it will be a sympathy action, and he was not a great actor. Foolish ideas is why Bush was voted into the Presidency two terms. I was astonished to view the Roger and Ebert show and hear the "two thumbs up" given to this movies and the alcolades given to the Joker character played by Heath Ledger. This is the very reason why I usually don't listen to the critics,but I go and view the movie for myself. The Dark Knight should be put in a Dark Closet.

Helena Bonham Carter

By: lovetheweasel( 985)
great in fight club. the freaky drug addict we all hope to never fall for

The L Word

By: Tom Sizemore( 11402)

Selena Gomez
By: Tom Sizemore( 11399)

She's going to be fat when she gets older. She just has that look.

By: ConverseGirl( 511)

She will not be fat! How dare you say that? *gives Tom the evil eye*

Ana Ortiz

By: RUSHmusicfan( 40)
She is an angel and that I wish I were her husband, Noah, that would hold this lovely muse next to me and I would be the one to sweetly kiss her lips of honey and gaze into her beautiful, big dark eyes as iridescent as black pearls and her long, flowing lovely hair softly cascade down her shoulders and to just fall in love with this angel every minute of every day.

Focus On Felix

News Comments

Paris Hilton Seeks New Best Friend In London

Ha Ha One friend, For no brain
Let's get together for no friend no brain
Hear the children crying (no friend)
Hear the children crying (no brain)
Sayin' give thanks and praise to the Lord for having money but no friend no brain
Sayin' let's get together what you saying you don't want to but the poor thing she has no friend no brain @@##! her Ah! your so cruel. Rock on with your bad self Billy gimme gimme gimme, gimme gimme gimme, gimme gimme gimme.

Miley Cyrus Plans Stress-Free Year

Ha Ha Miley Cyrus is determined to make the rest of this year as stress-free as possible by hanging upside down in her attic like the Bat faced bucktoothed money sucking drain on the wallets of parents every where that she is.

Gwen Stefani Checks Into The Hospital

Ha Ha We don't know if it's a boy or a girl. Plus we are going to put "him" in a black room with black curtains and Satan in a rocking chair smoking crack.

Slideshow: Kim Kardashian Hot Or Not?

Ha Ha Her a$$ is all she is her brain died years ago when she did her first porn.

Brigitte Nielsen: 'Marriage Made Me An Alcoholic'

Ha Ha And your looks made you a mutant.

David Carradine Finds Eternal Youth With Younger Women

2008-08-17 17:43:30
Ha Ha 71 is the new eternal youth isn't that just swell for him and he can have it eternal youth for me would be 28 with a 9 inch woody not all the time just when needed as for Kung Fu light weight training and running way better organic food and vitamins are garbage. As for younger women nothing wrong with that.

Reports: Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Wed In Calif.

2008-08-17 08:45:15
Ha Ha I wish I were in the land of cotton where being gay is something rotten lick away, lick away, lick away, but not in Dixieland.

Topic Comments

How to Seduce a Woman

2008-05-27 12:05:51
Ha Ha I find knock out drops work well.

Howie Mandel

2007-11-25 14:33:21
Ha Ha Not a hell of a lot.