Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most mesmerizing and intelligent comments were made on "Jenna Jameson is Knocked-up " story, The latest story on the Lohans, and The Mystery surrounding Heath Ledger's death saga, as well as another story about the Chin that is attached to a Celebrity Offspring .

Topic Highlights =There was some perceptive observations made about president Bush’s and A-Rod’s reputations and some enthralling comments made about the personal appearances of Kevin Bacon and Julie Newmar, as well as a lot of love and respect for Sharon Stone, of all people.

Top Commenter=This week's MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to Hambrookart for her very humorous and Perceptive comments.

News Comments

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Won't Walk Her Down The Aisle

By: Fried Chicken( 743)
amazing how his faith wont keep him from lying, or drinking and driving, or being a big ol dirtbag..

By: taralynn ( 663)
who's gonna wear the dress?

By: GlobeTravlinGirl( 1)
This guy is SUCH a LOSER! He is nothing more than a drunken, brawling, philandering, adulterer who abandoned his family and now he wants to profess that he has CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES???! WTF!?! What FAITH does he align himself with that makes his heinous and reprehensible behavior acceptable?? How dare he point a disparaging finger and judge anyone else, especially his own child! WHAT AN IMBECILE!

By: mystica97( 15)
really it shouldn't surprise ANYONE how hypocritical his "Christian" self is. Frankly, I don't care who she marries, she's not screwing me, and I'm tired of the bible thumping. Her destination afterlife is not impacting MINE so why should I care??
Everyone just needs to respect the HUMAN right to love, regardless of faith. Maybe if people weren't so busy judging, they'd actually IMPROVE the earth.

Lindsay Lohan Uses A 'Sober Companion'

By: tvjunkie( 276)
Where can I sign up to become a sober companion to celebrities? Talk about job security.

Tila Tequila Pulls Out Of Dating Show After Finding Real Love

By: Tom Sizemore ( 11121)
Tila Tequila Pulls Out? I think it's normally the other way around.

By: 2sugha( 604)
Not in her case, Tom S. You know she's strapped. I heard she's made a video, though. "RODENTS GONE WILD"

Toby Keith Defends Himself Against Blogger

By: Felix Lassiter( 2128)
Ha Ha So I guess it was right to hang a man for stealing a stinking *@@##! horse in the so called wild west. The old western days were full of savages and I don't mean the Native American's I mean the white butchers and robber baron cutthroats. As for Toby Keith's song "Beer for my Horses" Nothing but redneck claptrap.

Slideshow: Native American Actors

By: Guy Nacolojist( 757)
And Wayne Newton... aaahh, that explains it. No wonder he's performed at a casino all his life.

Jenna Jameson Is Pregnant

By: chunky lover 53 ( 7630)
That baby's gonna shoot out of there like it's on a Flume ride.

By: tan4007( 289)
Career day at school is going to be interesting.

The Jonas Brothers To Rewrite Show

By: Marcus Garvey( 1416)
which ones the gay one? my money is on the one in the middle

Tom Cruise Named In Scientology Lawsuit

By: MarkS( 11)
Kirk Cameron is looking smarter all the time!

Brooke Hogan Apologizes For False Abuse Claims

By: matty304( 10)
she looks like a tree

Lawyer Says Mary-Kate Olsen Is Co-Operating With Ledger Investigation

By: taralynn ( 663)
i thought he took pain pills not diet pills.

By: lovetheweasel( 898)
sounds like she got her immunity, but couldnt she just slip between the bars to get out of jail?

Bono Hails The Edge As Music's Van Gogh

By: Marcus Garvey( 1424)
i feel like van gogh when i listen to u2 because i want to cut my ears off

Nick Jonas And Selena Gomez 'First Date Kiss'?

By: Hambrookart( 1302)
I think selena will be better than Miley who"vowed" to stay a virgin.(hello, she promoted condoms!)

Matthew McConaughey To Plant Placenta Tree

By: tatejackson( 30)
I dont think its gross, I think its cool. It is a great furtilizer. all flesh and bodily fluids furtilize the earth and a placenta is pack with vitamins. It kept a baby alive for 9 months, why shouldn't it furtilize a tree? Good for you! I have 5 kids from 13 to 23 years old and i still have all thier belly bottons!

Artie Lange Checks Into Rehab

By: Bill Brasky( 104)

By: Tom Sizemore( 11054)
A sad day. We're losing one of the greats. Don't do it Artie!

Kim Kardashian Ready For Pussycat Dolls Debut

By: Nittanylionheaven( 19)
If this girl is talented, I have some real, nice swampland in Florida I'm selling real cheap, so cheap, it's a steal! All this girl's talent is strut around stage half - naked, whine and think she is God's gift to man. What a spoiled, narcissitic, self - serving, untalented and arrogant wench she is.

Rumer Willis Wants To Be A Jazz Singer

By: Squints ( 2195)
The Girl From Inchinema

By: taralynn ( 683)
she kinda looks like the chimp from the tang commercials.

Kiefer Sutherland Dropped The Soap In Jail

By: Marcus Garvey( 1469)
it takes a certain caliber of man to joke about #@@##! rape. kudos kiefer

Mr. T Doesn't Believe Commercial Was Homophobic

By: Felix Lassiter( 2140)
Ha Ha I always thought Mr T was Gay as a matter of fact I still do.

Paris Hilton Pokes Fun At McCain In Spoof Campaign Ad

By: tommy ross( 14)
I think Paris makes a lot more sense than that BELL-BOTTOM FACE McCAIN....

By: The H8R ( 546)
I'd give her the ol' John McCain

By: 666_Steinbrener ( 808)
Valtrex will fund her campaign.

'New York Goes To Hollywood' Is Obnoxious

By: Guy Nacolojist( 748)
wow, I didn't even read this past the headline because the headline drips with over-saturated obviousness

By: 2sugha( 602)
The B^tch needs to get a real job. Paper or plastic?

Gluteus Maximus: A Starpulse Salute To The Celebrity Booty

By: nelly31( 3)
beyonce looks good her a-- is 100% real, fergie has no a--, Paris Hilton has a flat pancake , mayra has a wide big flat a--! ive seen other pics and it damn sure doesn't look like that, jlo a--, kim whoredashian a-- is fake! Fake ! Fake! she has butt implants and she also wears padded spanxs underwear to make butt appear rounder than it really is! She's a fake butt, nose , lips. Breast implants having a--! And last but not least coco the hoe is the most fake a-- looking white girl ive ever seen! She's had head to toe plastic surgery from her obviously fake breast, fake ultra pointy nose , fake blond weave, lipo to waistline and thighs and body conturing! She's has the most fake looking butt ive ever seen.. She has the biggest butt implants the surgeon has to offer lmao... She looks like a plastic blow-up doll! Ive seen her in person and her a-- doesn't look anything like this! Google her before and after pics and you'll see just how flat coco's a-- was! And she was really small breasted as well . She's a fake!

Eliza Dushku Boasts About Hunting Elk, Upsets PETA

By: tan4007( 294)
I love animals too; I can appreciate ASPCA and other worthy organizations that represent fair and ethical treatment of animals. PETA is nothing more than thugs with a bad attitude most likely brought on by a tofu and bean sprouts diet.

Paris Hilton Set For Superhero Stardom

By: Hambrookart( 1302)
The character's based on HER?She probably had to sleep with Stan to be able to get THAT

Topic Comments

Alex Rodriguez

By: couldntgetabettername( 1)
Not too friendly. Went to Tony's Italian Grill on Park Row in Arlington, Texas (next to Pantego Christian Academy) yesterday with my sister and my girls(6 & 8). We were the only ones in the restaurant except a party of four (4) guys. Two (2) guys wearing white polo style shirts with "Derek Jeter Foundation" printed on them, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodrigutez.
I'm not a big sportsfan myself, but I wanted to get a picture for my husband, Mike. After they were finished eating, and preparing to leave, I asked if I could get a picture of them with my two (2) girls. A-Rod kept on walking and got into their chauffer driven black Escalade, but Jeter stopped, turned around and posed. Oh well, A-Rod has a reputation for not being known as a nice guy but Jeter was a perfect gentleman. Thanks, Mr. Jeter. Boo, A-hole...er A-Rod.

Kevin Bacon

By: missjoejonas01( 74)
he has a pig face

George Bush

By: MassieKur( 408)
Bad stupid evil president.

Right Said Fred

By: chunky lover 53( 7567)
Not Sexy Enough

Tokio Hotel

By: Hambrookart( 1242)
this is why you should never leave your kids unatended with your makeup bag.they'll end up looking like these emo freaks.

Sharon Stone

By: kelbo54( 1)
I think that freedom of speech is in the constitution and we can all exercise that. She is a class act and I wish she would star in more recent movies so I can see her on the big screen. You go girl! Your hot and great for statements about women appreciating there sex. Also owning up to there rights. Love, ya, Kelbo

The Rolling Stones

By: Marl( 83)
I have always loved The Stones. I have been a fan of theirs since I was about 11 or 12. Really wish I could afford their concerts tickets. Would be so happy to see them live in concert. To Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ron, keep rocking!

Julie Newmar

By: tommy ross( 14)
absolutely the most perfect face to ever grace the planet Earth! So beautiful, she 's a freak!

Connie Hines

By: tommy ross( 11)
What a beautiful actress! She stole the show on "Mr. Ed". If I was that horse, I would have had her do ALL my brush-downs...I wouldn't care if she rode me hard and put me up wet,either!

Angelina Jolie

By: chelsea9018( 2)
First, I'm sick of tired of Jolie being betrayed as the only women on earth who's having twins. Plenty of women around the world going through the same experience.
Second, she's not mother teresa or princess diana so why all the hype. She doesn't possess the qualities, grace, and morales to be compared to them. She's nothing more than a backdoor c0nt.
They are using their biological babies to get the highest buck for their own self-servicing purpose....to keep their faces on cover page and to keep their careers alive. The charity thing is only to legitimize their so-called good deed. So tired of their scripted media hype.
Jolie-Pitt, you should be ashamed of using your babies and I pity those adopted kids. Those kids will always be second-class - biological vs adopted.