Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most gripping and insightful comments were made on “Amy Winehouse and her future Brood” story, the “Bat-Man” arrest, and “Moby as the Surgeon General” story as well as a Rejected Paris.

Topic Highlights =There was some perceptive observations made about Dolly Parton and her well-known assets, the not so Macho Zac Efron and David Carradine’s “Street Cred” comes under some scrutiny.

Top Commenter=This week’s MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to Marcus Garvey. He is STARPULSE’s first repeat offender who specializes in dropping truth bombs on news stories as well as popular topics. (See below for a quick recap of last weeks’ Garveyisms.)

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News Comments

Amy Winehouse Wants Five Kids

By: Felix Lassiter( 2019
Ha Ha Amy Winehouse wants five children a cat and a dog a horse and a sheep a cow a bull a herring a kipper a ball bearing a wooden leg 3 old snot rags a headless chicken a fart saved in a bottle a hairless mouse a used condom a bald rabbit a peeled X@@##! less hair on her tongue a donkey Hitlers mustache a car blown up in a nuclear blast a brain transplant a new body a hairless crotch feet that aren't two feet long and a perpetually full crack pipe.

Paris Hilton Rejected By Ronaldo

By: angelofwizdum( 131)
Who wouldnt turn her down??? No offense, and I hate to ever say this about ANY female, but between Paris and Sarah Jessica Parker, I dont know who is uglier. The pimple on my X@@##!, bleeding and oozing pus is more pleasing to the eye than either of these specimens.

By: boobopper ( 8)
i do not blame him for dumping that freak.she reminds me of a possum she looks like it too.he really did not want her anyway she's a jailbird.

Foreigner's Mick Jones Says New Songs On The Way

By: Agent Smith( 4143
"Now, now, the Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions."

Bale Arrested And Released; Denies Assault

By: Cartman( 6561)
Next time use a bat, man...then they won't be able to rat you out!

George Michael: 'Sex Arrest Was Deliberate'

By: scarred-4-lyf( 1
omg.he gay wow thts unbelievable

By: user193( 292)
I see what your trying to do here. your cruising link was priceless. your efforts do not go un-noticed subby! lmfao photo.

Moby Warns Against Sleeping Pills

By: Felix Lassiter( 2017
Ha Ha Wow how em bare assing just think how lucky? you all were to end up with a little bit of her loud fart and fine atom sized particles of X@@##! in your lungs.

Lindsay Lohan 'Fine' After Being Hit By Motorcycle

By: lovetheweasel( 854
did they check the driver? he could have gotten something having been so close to her

Vampires: Why The Obsession?

By: babygirl9438( 212)
i think they r fake!

Elizabeth Berkley Develops Teen Self-Help Show

By: 2sugha( 590)
PLEASE, PLEASE...Let the $lut from Showgirls teach my daughter how to help herself. Is this a joke????

Topic Comments

Dolly Parton

By: my breast( 1)
from a very young age my uncle had u youre record and i wished for was to have breast like yours but i did not happen god had other plans for my bra size.it believed that if boys touch you breast they will grow i did that even payed some boys to touch my breast its embarrasing i know that now im grown.i love u girl take care

Paula Abdul

By: PaulaLover( 214
Paula is such a talented person.She has worked so hard... She has so many talents. She is the most beutiful person I have ever seen, and also the most hard working person I have ever seen. She is the best singer in the world,(in my point of veiw.) and the nicest judge on tv.
I really look up to Paula.
Paula Abdul is a wonderful role model. And for all of you people dissing her, she has never been drunk, does not do any kind of drugs what so ever, and she is NOT crazy. If you don't agree, I can prove it very easily. Just ask me 2. Paula has worked so hard 2 get 2 where she is in society,and she really deserver it. Paula will always be my hero.

George Michael

By: jphylton( 20
It's about time he comes OUT.

David Carradine

By: Tom Sizemore( 10384
Is David Carradine a poor man's Chuck Norris? Or vice versa? Discuss amongst yourselves.

George Bush

By: destiny 23( 208)
i hte him i think

Rusted Shut

By: chunky lover 53( 7364)
A band named after Bea Arthur's Vajay jay.

Tokio Hotel

By: Pink-Bullets( 4)
Ok. Tokio Hotel is a crappy emo band with a led singer who takes Makeup tricks frm a retarded Transvestite.

Zac Efron

By: babykim( 111)
he is cute. and he looks feminine. to b honest.


Q&A With The 'Baghead' Cast & Crew

baghead brings back fond memories of every girl ive ever dated

Mr. T Candy Bar Ad Upsets Gay Groups

if anything its pro-gay. hes encouraging the guy to "get some nuts"

Kanye West Offers Iraq War Veterans Help

is this a ploy to get people to re-enlist? i would certainly go back to iraq rather than talk with this douche

2 Eagles Named By Miley, Billy Ray To Be Set Free

if i ever got to name 2 eagles they would be named joe walsh and little joe walsh

Megan Fox Annoyed By Sexy Title

she is not the sexiest anything until she gets rid of that hideous ink

Neil Young Documents Anti-War Tour In Film

did someone air brush the rock out of his nose in these pictures too?


Maggie Gyllenhaal

she looks like a foot

Haylie Duff

what do i think about haylie duff? i think she looks like a horse. an unattractive horse at that

Vanessa Ferlito

this girl looks like michelle rodriguez after a fist fight

Balthazar Getty

i think his name is great, especially for an evil wizard or hungarian prince

The Black Klansman

does he end up divorcing his wife in the end because shes a n$%%#@ lover?