Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most interesting comments were made on Sacha Baron Cohen's man on man love-fest, Flavor Flav prepubescent love life and the ever vigilant chicken crusader Pam Anderson.

Topic Highlights =There was some incisive observations made about Tiger Woods, Gary Busey and Christopher Atkins as well as the movie 'The Desent' and the group Three 6 Mafia.

Top Commenter=This week’s MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to the very active and insightful taralynn.


Fake Ark. Bouts Showing Men Kissing Draw Suspicion

By: Marcus Garvey( 1029)
goofs on southern people involving homoeroticism are genius

Nicole Kidman Has Given Birth To A Baby Girl

OrlandoLuver ( 1238)
She's going to grow up hearing, "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days" and she's going to despise every minute of it.
Oh, and people will ask, "Were you born on a Sunday?" Which she wasn't.

By: taralynn ( 534)
she has so much botox her baby probably cant blink

Flavor Flav Lost Virginity When He Was 'Real, Real, Real, Real Young'

By: 2sugha( 533)
I believe that about as much as I believe that he doesn't look like a roach.

By: Marcus Garvey ( 1057)
yeahhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyy

By: Felix Lassiter ( 1959)
Ha Ha Rapper Flavor Flav lost his virginity at the age of six and his mind at the age of seven.

By: Long_live_MUSE1978 ( 8648)
WTF @ Flavor Flav.
1. TMI!
3. Why would ANYONE want to know that?
Other than that, I'm at a loss of words. :/

Pete Wentz: 'I Made Out With Men'

By: Fork Killer KyRo( 1)
haha, i knew it, and we all know the real reason why panic at the disco was signed *wink*

Meat Loaf Silences His Critics?

By: Iain( 1
I went to the Meatloaf gig in Bath on July 4th. Sadly it was the worst gig I have ever been to. Meatloaf sang flat, could not hold notes, it was sinply sad to watch. I undertsand it was the first night of his tour, somehow I don't think he will finish it.
Oh well, at least it pissed down with rain!

Pam Anderson Confirms Tommy Lee Romance

By: Bill Brasky( 86)
i wonder if they are still making videos?

By: msprimrose ( 14)
to: "Bill Brasky, I sure hope they don't do any more videos. Show me something, If I want to see a vienna sausage, I,ll go to a grocery store!

By: beautiful1( 83)
Who cares what this trailor trash does, a fake bodied, basketballs for a chest has been and a has been tatooed slime bucket.....that's a match!

Pamela Anderson Stages KFC Protest

By: 2sugha ( 544)
Maybe she should protest in front of the silicon factory. If it wasn't for them, she would look a little more normal.

By: pablopicasso( 1)
It is comments by small-minded selfish people that mean that the cruel rearing of these chickens carries on. Lets hope that these people don't come back as chickens in another life! I think what Pamela Anderson is doing is great - go for it. If one person can make a small difference then that's good. I am a meat-eater so you may call me a hypocrit but I always buy meat where the animal has had a decent life - its the least any of us can do. Also, I have silicone implants so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Tony Romo And Jessica Simpson: Love Or Lust?

By: babygurl1357( 20)
she is so dumb she needs 3 retards to help her

B-Movies: The Best Of The Worst

By: robin+ayden( 3)
This is too damn long to read and watch! This is amrica! who is going to read all that?

Phish Fuel Comeback Reports With Festival 'Semi-Reunion'

By: lovetheweasel( 796)
oh please, oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,oh please,

B-52s Singer's 'Nude Photo' Leaked Online

By: Felix Lassiter( 1943)
Ha Ha This story could make a maggot gag.

Florence Henderson Begs Christopher Knight To Dump Wife

By: crzylady( 10)
FH is such a *@@##! though! I hated the way she talked down to Adrianne! And Chris is a jerk for even asking her opinion! And nobody can "make" two people get married; they did it cuz they wanted to. It is a marriage; what kind of person wants to see any marriage fall apart? She is a HATER....

By: wilma1031( 1)
I think Florence Henderson is correct. Christopher Knight is a very needy and week man. He could not see through this girl. I guess she knew how to confuse his sexual needs with maturity.
The chick is mixed-up all the way.

Paris Hilton To Team With Spears & Lohan In Reality Show?

By: wiz( 115)
The Taliban would be more welcome than this!

By: chunky lover 53 ( 7145)
Of course this "Reality" show will be brought to you by the good makers of Valtrex.

Motorhead's Lemmy Under Investigation Over Nazi Hat Pic

By: taralynn ( 558)

Topic Comments

Tiger Woods

By: gossipgirl101( 667)
He's a great golfer!

James Gandolfini

By: lovetheweasel( 789)
who would put less than 5? he is gonna break your legs

Emily Osment

By: Chad Kroeger( 27)
shes hot. also in skirts. not being a pervert

Taraji Henson

By: va native(1)
she is a bisexual and phony

Gary Busey

By: hazel leo(4041)
He scares the crap out of me!

Devon Aoki

By: lovetheweasel(804)
umm, is it legal to say she is hot?

Hulk Hogan

By: sunny-dd(1)
I feel bad 4 him. His wife and daughter r trash and his son was only thinking of himself.

Three 6 Mafia

By: miss make it juciy(2)
i like their song slob on my knob cause it turns me on

The Descent

By: YUPPIE(635)
This movie bored me to tears. Nora-Jane Noone is smokin' hot, but this flick doesn't get warmed up until the 50-minute mark. The gruesome violence wasn't enough to satisfy my cravings.

Christopher Atkins

By: Keep It Real(120)
He's in some serious need of botox.