Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most interesting comments were made on Jessica Simpson and her Meat eating, Angelina Jolie and her Un-patriotic and unborn Twins and Sting with his one passenger Jet.

Topic Highlights =There was some astute observations made about Jeff Daniels, Bill Gates as well as Hugh Hefner. However, there was no love for Tila Tequila, Mo’nique and some Well-fed and seldom heard of celebrity blogger.

Top Commenter=This week’s MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to the very active and perceptive hazel leo.


Pam Anderson 'Jokingly' Made Comments About Meat-Eating Jessica Simpson

By: loyalcompassion( 2)
Anderson has no right to call simpson a X%@##! or a #@&##!. Perhaps she should take a look in the mirror before she goes around calling others by such names. Jessica hasn't had her %@&##! done, nor has she posed for playboy more than any other as little Miss Pammy has. Anderson is nothing more than a seductress with hepatitis,and has been with more men than Elizabeth Taylor. Anderson shouldn't be throwing stones when she too lives in a glass house.

By: hazel leo( 3433)
Pam has NO room to talk about anyone being a b*tch or a wh^re! Pam's one of the most skankiest girls out there. Plus she's ugly too.

Mariah Carey Wants Kids-- Soon

By: big popcorn( 2165)
I hear he shoots blanks
I'll volunteer to give Ms Carey children, or plenty of practice trying anyway!

Lindsay Lohan Has A Secret Sister

By: a0z( 172)
is she a %@@##! like her

Angelina Jolie Goes Into French Hospital For Birth Of Twins

By: nancygas( 5)

Kim Kardashian To Launch Perfume

By: Marcus Garvey( 1019)
eau de hoe

By: Felix Lassiter( 1921)
Ha Ha Her *@@##! is like so out there its like it could be a fair size moon orbiting the Washington Monument.

Miley Cyrus Wrote A Love Song About Jesse McCartney

By: rapsux( 75)
all those boy bands r gay

Molly Ringwald: 'Teen Pregnancy Is Still A Problem'

By: daluckynumba6( 415)
i kno a bunch of teenage girls that are pregnant right now and they act all happy and excited like they're gonna marry their bf's and live happy ever after...i just look at them and think..dumb broads

Will Smith's School Insists It's Not Scientologist

By: wolverinedeath( 14)
I disagree with Scientology. Scientology has nothing to do with Christianity.

Outrage Over Sting's Private Jet

By: Marcus Garvey( 990)
what a hypocrite. at least take a commercial flight you wanker

By: Felix Lassiter( 1878)
Ha Ha I guess he can put the seat all the way back and spit at the ceiling if he feels like it.

Guy Ritchie's Mother Slams Madonna Divorce Speculation

By: Marcus Garvey( 990)
guy ritchie's mother slams madonna? mother-son threesomes are weird

Steve-O Hit With An Assault Lawsuit

By: Felix Lassiter( 1881)
Ha Ha Steve-O was hit with an assault lawsuit and knocked out cold.

Today's Child Stars Struggle To Become Serious Entertainers

By: STARFAB18( 1)

Denise Richards Opens up to Momlogic.com

By: janetkirk( 110)
Yeah, and another thing, how is prostitute-tranny infested sperm, not saying things to trash your ex?? That statement was made the day your show aired....instead of saying, "I'm so proud of my kids, and I love them" How is that defending yourself??
This is such a bore - take those kids away and put them with their father and grandparents who love them.

Pete Wentz: 'I Made Out With Men'

By: angelofwizdum( 107)
Well, Pete, if you'd kiss em , you'd stick em. You look like a gay guy anyway. But Ashley dont care cuz yer about the best thing she would ever be able to get. When you kiss your new baby, think of them guys you did. : )

Batman Bale Says No To Robin

By: Marcus Garvey( 998)

No Joke: Ledger's Batman Villain Has Oscar Shot

By: Keep It Real( 103)
Giving an Oscar to a dead guy is a waste.

Topics Comments


By: Hambrookart( 717)
she looks like she is nice but man,widen the side walks please!

Rachael Ray

By: hazel leo( 3679)
... No comment...

Perez Hilton

By: PaulaLover( 110)
He sux!
He bugs me, and he's too gay 2 b gay.
It's freakishly gayism.

Mel Gibson

By: william eleton merck( 1)
Our nation was discraced by the movie Jarhead. We need you to make a movie about the gulf war that will honor our troops and nation. Something like We Were Soldiers. I am sure you can find true stories of our troups fighting the war honorably and are still fighting there and Iraq.

Hugh Hefner

By: hazel leo( 3492)
He's an old, nasty fart... I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that I despise him.

Hellboy 2

By: - ily semi( 16)
i didnt know there was a hell boy 2

The Black Klansman

By: chunky lover 53( 7041)
"The Clayton Bigsby Story" this is Confusing to say the least

By: Marcus Garvey (1027)
does he end up divorcing his wife in the end because shes a n$%%#@ lover?

Jeff Daniels

By: barbarav( 2)
I think Jeff Daniels is a Renaissance man.

Bill Gates

By: PaulaLover( 113
He's filthy rich!

Tila Tequila

By: hazel leo( 3679)
Apparently on the last episode of A shot on Love or whatever it's called, I saw a clip on the internet and the girl she gave the key to didn't take it and ended up "breaking Tila's heart again." Boo hoo. Then she asked, "What's wrong with me?" HA HA HA! I thought you'd never ask!
1. You have no real talent
2. You're annoying
3. You make people walk on broken glass for you
4. You humiliate people by making them eat pig's v*gina and bull testicles
5. You're really REALLY ugly
6. You seem to take your reality show seriously
7. You think your Myspace friends are actually your "friends"
8. You have an annoying laugh
9. You can't sing/rap/dance
10. You have probably have diseases from all the nasty people you've been with.
Etcetera, etcetera...
Yeah, long list.

Grease 2

By: pugsy258( 2)
I think that it is a great movie. It is one of my all time favorites. I have watched it at least 100 time in the past 2 years.