Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most interesting comments were made on the “Jamie Lynn’s A Baby Mama” story, “Tori Spelling’s Dead Dog” story and “Rocker’s with Bad Grillz,” as well as the future of Selena Gomez.

Topic Highlights= No love for Anne Hathaway and Ellen DeGeneres. Also, we had a well written tirade against Kristy McNichol of all people. Much love for Katy Perry and Rachael Ray, as well as some unknown affection for Paris Hilton and Jeff Goldblum.

Top Commenters= This week’s MVC (Most Vicious Commenter) award goes to lovetheweasel for his/her constantly astute and perceptive observations.


Katy Perry To Cameo On 'The Young And The Restless'

By: Melmel146
she really pretty, but too revealing. its not like i wear turtle necks or anything ( infact spaghetti straps), but one day shes gonna be at the academy awards and her whole dress is gonna fall off!

Snoop Dogg Has Baby Advice For Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson

By: mrs_bill_or_tom_kaulitz
lol. I freaking hate Pete and Ashlee and hope for them to have "a UNhealthy ugly fat he-she" and I hope Ashlee Dies giving birth!

Taylor Dayne Pleads No Contest To Reckless Driving

By: Felix Lassiter
Ha Ha Taylor Dayne has pleaded no contest to charges that shes a real Bow Wow.

Dr. Drew Apologizes For Tom Cruise Remarks, Attacks Attorney

By: WhiteRabbit13
We have the Scientology bibles at my school's library. They are messed up and totally confusing. I do not suggest reading them unless you want your brain to explode from not getting it. They are pretty funny, though.

Is 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' Star Becoming The Next Miley?

By: Marcus Garvey
i give it three years before i can find her movies in the room with the beaded curtain doorway

By: lovetheweasel
why must they parade these underage girls around? people, by nature, suck

'Grease' Is The Word: Celebrating The Iconic Film's 30th Anniversary

By: Randal Kleiser
Dear Shannon,
Thanks for your thoughtful analysis of why this movie continues to be popular throughout the world with all ages. It's often hard to explain why when people ask me.
Nice writing.
Randal Kleiser

Infamously Bad Rock Teeth

By: BeckEye
Wow, no Shane MacGowan? He's like the patron saint of tooth decay! :)

By: Guy Nacolojist
Hello?? Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols... how do you think he got the name 'rotten?'
And Shane McGowan?? Dude's got summerteeth. Summer there, but most aren't.

Mario Lopez: 'I Missed Out On Romance With Longoria'

By: Marcus Garvey
sitting backwards on the toilet when you poop is termed "AC Slatering"

Lynne Spears Pleads For Charges To Be Dropped

By: chunky lover 53
A more believable STARPULSE headline= "Lynne Spears Charged For Dropping Britney On Her Head"

By: thejonasbrothersfan102

Snoop Dogg Writing A Bluegrass Album

By: 2sugha
Do your thing, Snoop! Keep smokin that Bluegrass.

Chimp Denied Hollywood Star

By: Squints
Ryan Seacrest = yes
Monkey = no

Tori Spelling Mourns Pet Pooch

By: Porkyhound
"She was a star and a true lady"...both qualities of which Spelling will never know...the hound probably succumbed to a gag reflex after servicing Dean... :)

By: Tom Sizemore
LOL, welcome porkyhound! You're my new favorite member!

Keira Knightley: 'Nudity's No Problem'

By: lovetheweasel
that skeletor lookin' waif has boobs?

Tyra Banks Thanks Oprah For Her TV Success

By: lovetheweasel
one completely worthless human thanking another for becoming even more worthless

By: carleen
Oprah is not a queen. GOD is the only one who allows these things to happen and should be thanked for sucess. Anyone who worships Oprah is a fool.

Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes A Baby Girl

By: TeasePlease90
like your big sis , please don't be another "cheeto"-eating mama.

By: hazel leo
Aww, congradulations! Make sure you take care of your daughter and DO NOT let Britney babysit!

By: hazel leo
^ You think that's bad?! A girl at my school is having a baby at 12!

next time use a condum dummie

Counterculture Hero George Carlin Dies At 71

By: Felix Lassiter
Ha Ha #$%&*, #$%&*, #$%&*, #$%&*, #$%&*, #$%&*, and #$%&*! His famous 7 words you can not say on Tv or here apparently.

Sex Is Great For Pregnant Angelina Jolie

By: OrlandoLuver
People that brag so much about their sex life usually don't have much of one.

By: 2sugha
I aggree with you Orlandoluver.....Too much advertising for a common product. And I do mean "common". She's been around the block as much as the Ice cream truck.

Corey Haim Outs Victoria Beckham As A Bad Kisser

By: Gossipluvr
it was her stomach grrrrrrring, she was just hungry and human flesh is zero calories...

By: shabky
Corey Haim? He's still alive??!

Topics Comments

Jeff Goldblum

By: emeralds55
Jeff Blum is one of the most handson men that I have seen on the TV or Screen. I love his large hands. I wiould like to see him in more movies. If I was not married I would ask him to marry me
emeralds (not a kid!) This is the first time I have ever written anything on these pages.

Paris Hilton

By: Lizzie2041
I think that Paris Hilton is nice because she has a lot of money and is rich.

By: kikishot
she is very cute some ppl say that she is retardet but i say shes HOT

Rachael Ray

By: lawskool012
rachel ray i luv your tv show. but,sometimes you can talk a little to much ut still like your show.

Kristy McNichol

By: Keep It Real
I think she treats her fans like dog sh1t on the bottom of her shoe. Always trying to scrape us off in the grass. We're the ones who made her famous and not once did she ever thank us..We bought the tickets to her movies, magazines, posters, album...She wouldn't of had those fancy cars, houses, clothes without us..She's always boasting about how she did all that charirty work, All I can say is "Tax Deductions". She hasn't done a charirty event in a while, that would explain the federal tax lien she has on her. Don't have all the "Millions" any more eh Kristy? My heart bleeds for you..NOT! You've achieved what you wanted, to be like the rest of us..WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD! Oh and the next time you decide to do an autograph signing, wear nicer clothes...You looked like a rag a muffin that day. Better yet crawl back under that rock for which you came from and stay there you ungreatful little X@@##!!

Jamie Lynn Spears

By: zacster
why did you get pregnet y i am glad it is a girl but i am mad you got nockt up so young

Katy Perry
By: kissy33
2008-06-22 16:41:59
i guess i like the fact that she's bringing out a different tast of music even though i'm not a fan i'm happy that she brings out a different style of music instead of having the same beats and lyrics i like her clothing style though! reminds me of the outfits in the 50's

Ellen Degeneres
By: jobrolover205
2008-06-21 17:42:43
she's funny but nasty

Anne Hathaway

By: lovetheweasel
she looks like she belongs in a coffin