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News Highlights = Last week there were a lot of observations made on the "Tatum O'Neal Crack-Gate" story and the "Kathleen Turner V. Liz Taylor" saga as well as comments made on the never-ending "Lindsay Lohan Lesbo Story" and the "MTV fake Weed" story. However, the big story of the week had to be the "Susan Sarandon loves John McCain, NOT" story.

Topic Highlights= Last week's popular subjects were actor Ben Stiller and actresses Ali Lohan and Emmanuelle Chriqui as well as "actress" Alexis Arquette.

Top Commenters= Last week's top commentors included the cyber-poet Felix "Ha Ha" Lassiter, the always clever 2sugha, and the omnipresent Tom Sizemore.


Kathleen Turner Slams Elizabeth Taylor's Acting

By: Marcus Garvey
is that kathleen turner or william shatner?

By: heidi hannele
Katherine,,,the picture they posted of you on this particular piece is just terrible,,,was that intentional... Elizabeth Taylor is a true beauty and one the great great stars,,,and so are you,,,it just is silly to be comparing yourself to her...Everyone is different and special in their own unique way,,,we complement each other,,,we don't replace each other.

James Franco: MTV Gave Us The Bag Of 'Fake Weed'

By: Bill Brasky
i bet its harder to find the fake stuff.

By: Tom Sizemore
No matter how much weed I smoke, Seth Rogen STILL isn't funny!

Tatum O'Neal Blames It All On The Dog

By: Squints
She's still in the denial phase

Tatum O'Neal Wants To Help Drug Dealer

By: sidvicious58

If John McCain Is President, Susan Sarandon Will Leave US

By: Boonierat
I would happily assist her in packing her bags and even offer to give her a ride to the airport...

By: samwise2206
If Susan sarandon is truly going to leave the country if mccain wins then i throw my support and will vote for mccain. I mean really does she think that her threats to leave the country will stop anyone from votibg for mccain? i think she may have just handed him the election.

By: Agent Smith
Well that settles it then... my vote's going to McCain.

Mike Tyson Is Convinced He'll Be Murdered

By: 2sugha
Hey, Mike...what kind of food are you serving at this Pity Party?

Hulk Hogan's Son Wants Out Of Solitary Confinement

By: 2sugha
I say put his little punk a$$ in general population. Not only will he get his a$$ beat down but he'll be leaving there as Nicole.

Christopher Walken Demands A Butt Double?

By: kimmie8000
Christopher Walken is about the best actor out there. Think in your little minds who can do drama, comedy, and horror as well as he can. If he want a double, I think he has every right to have a double. It's not about winkles it's about pride.

Best Movie Lines That Have Stuck In Pop Culture

By: Felix Lassiter
Ha Ha May the Farce be behind you and pick your pocket if you watch this crap. Ha Ha I'll be Bach then Beethoven maybe a little Napoleon. Ha Ha say hello to my little X@@$#!. Ha Ha There's no place like home OH! Auntie M where's uncle big tool. Ha Ha I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse and if he does oh well whats a little dust on the knees. Ha Ha Wax on, wax off grasshopper you'll go blind if that dust gets in her eyes. Ha Ha Go ahead, make me pay use that whip I've been a baaed boy. Ha Ha My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die why are you getting down on your knees are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson? Ha Ha Here's looking at you kid, your such a cute boy. Ha Ha Bond. James Bond British X@@$#! for hire. Ha Ha You can't handle the truth that your gay Tom. Ha Ha You're gonna need a bigger boat thats one big X@@$#! shark. Ha Ha I see dead people and an acting career that goes nowhere. Ha Ha Stella! Hey, Stella I'll be fat and dead someday Stella come down and see me off.

Lindsay Lohan 'Turns Down $1 Million To Come Out'

By: * * Stargazer * *
Is she really gay? One of life's biggest mysteries...

By: PhotoScandalsAreGay
1 mill to admit shes gay?!?! WTF, IS SHE FRIGGEN STUPID, JUST SAY "yes, im a lesbian" and youll get 1 mill. @_@


Fred Schneider

By: Tom Sizemore
Fred just wants to have FUN!

Little Boy Blue

By: chunky lover 53
'Cause he Needed the Money.

Alexis Arquette

By: villesecretelovr666
he is soo hot on the wedding singer def...
but i researched him and im nor sure... can you tell me if he/she is a guy or a girl????
he isss soo sexie on the wedding singer and he/she looked like that every day i would be soo happy...

Cheryl Tweedy

By: Tom Sizemore
I'd cheryl all over her tweedys.

Joy Behar

What a beast! Her coochie probably resembles the jungles of deepest Africa.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

By: Marcus Garvey
someday she will mother my children

By: Squints
I'd Emmanuelle her Chriqui

Tori Spelling

By: hazel leo
Mr. Tori Spelling! Is he/she a transvestite?

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson can act circles around Sandra Bullock.

Adam Sandler

By: iloveshyheimbay
suchagood actress

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