South Korean rapper PSY invited Snoop Dogg out for some drinks, and the resulting music video has already been seen over 6 million times since its upload last night.

PSY, who became a surprise hit in 2012 with Gangham Style (now YouTube's most viewed video at over 2 billion hits), is trying to keep the trend going and hired Snoop to add some flair to the pulsing track.

The video follows PSY and Snoop as they regret the crazy party they had last night. However after vomiting into the toilet, there's only one thing on their minds: more partying.

Throughout the day they hook up with some older Korean women, who get very sexy as the guys drink more; drink through a riot; and walk through the street as cars crash and men on fire run by.

The two appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night for some karaoke, just as they did in the music video - with some interesting results.

What do you think of PSY's latest music video?