Officials in Manhattan have delayed proposals surrounding a Beastie Boys street honor request after declaring the plans need more support from locals.

LeRoy McCarthy launched an online campaign last year, urging NYC Community Board members to rename the corner of Rivington and Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side, which featured on the rap act's Paul's Boutique album, Beastie Boys Square.

His case went before the board but was temporarily rejected after a lengthy debate amid concerns it lacked the full backing of nearby residents.

McCarthy was encouraged to collect 150 signatures from people living in the area of the proposed square for his petition, and he plans to resubmit the idea next month, once he has hit the campaign target.

He tells, "(My) overall goal is to have NYC give recognition to Hip Hop. Hip Hop was founded in NYC in 1973, since that time where is the support and respect for the art form and culture that has made billions of dollars for NYC, given exposure to NYC with pride, and enhanced race relations, among other positives?

"After 40 years it would be great if NYC showed some appreciation."

The Beastie Boys already have one New York honor to their name, a park in Brooklyn was renamed Adam Yauch Park after the band's late rapper.