Ah, womenswear. Last week's episode made us miss the world of female fashion, the kind that demands more variety than Tiki Barber's conservative tastes.

This week's challenge was to recreate a God-awful trend, and refashion it to make it cohesive and relevant for today. The contestants broke up into groups of three, and struggled to combine the three individual looks they picked into a cohesive group presentation.

Team Ricky found itself in the most trouble. Ricky Lizalde's trend was neon, Victorya Hong's was underwear as outwear, and Elisa Jimenez chose tacky cut outs (really, can you think of any one that could take those three ghastly trends and transform it into something beautiful?). Not that we didn't see this coming, but Victorya had a rough time following Ricky's lead, and ended up pretty much shoving him to the periphereal of the group. And, not surprising, the group's designs suffered from the internal battles. The finished product looked all-over-the-place and kind of tacky. They ended up in the bottom two, and Ricky barely escaped "Avita-Zein" doom.

Team Jillian found themselves with three trends that work well together. Jillian Lewis chose overalls, Rami Kashou a poodle skirt and Kevin Christiana 70s flare. The team worked seamlessly together, and the looks that came down the runway had us nearly drooling. High-waisted, structural necks, soft denim-the group really knocked it out and ended up the challenge winner.

The trio of Kit Scarbo, Christian Siriano and Jack Mackenroth looked like a bunch of giggling teenage friends in the design room. Working with the trends fringe (was that ever really in style), a zoot suit and pleather, they seemed over-confident. Or, Christian did. The looks they came up with were fine, pretty unmemorable, but got them by without landing in the top or the bottom.

Chris, Chris, Chris. The bubbly crowd-favorite costume designer just dug his own grave in this one. Working with Steven Rosengard and Sweet P, the trio desperately tried to work with shoulder pads, dancewear and excessively baggy sweaters. That's just disaster waiting to happen. Chris' final creation looked like something circa a 1990s JCPenney catalog. Stephen's looked more fitting for the new Broadway rendition of Xanadu, and Sweet Pea's was just plain boring. The collection found team leader Chris March in the bottom two, and he was sent home.

The designers this season are just too proficient. Sometimes they giggle. Sometimes they pick fights with each other (albeit calm, rational discussions with just a hint of hidden rage). But we're getting kind of bored. Stephen's horrible Tim Gunn impression just looked sad compared to Santino's from seasons past, and it made us long for some characters with a little less professionalism and a little more fun.

Episode recap by Sarah Lavery
Starpulse.com contributing writer