Christopher Knight and Lorenzo Lamas are some of the celebrity clients who will be featured on Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. Starring chef Sasha Perl-Raver got star struck preparing a meal for Knight and his wife.

“I had a minor conniption when I found I was going to be feeding Christopher Knight,” Perl-Raver said. “I was so Alice waiting for Sam the Butcher to bring me my pork chops. When I was in high school, I had a serious 70s obsession and was terribly in love with a guy who looked exactly like Greg Brady, so cooking for a Brady Bunch cast member, and his wife, Adrienne Curry, who won another of my favorite shows, America’s Next Top Model, was the fulfillment of a teenage dream.”

For Lamas, Perl-Raver came up with special dishes named just for the star. “Another moment of childhood fantasy realized came during the first episode when Stuart and I got to prepare the food for a Ducati launch party hosted by Lorenzo Lamas. Hello! Renegade! In a bike shop! It was off the charts. The man was on Falcon Crest for crying out loud. And in Grease! Not to mention the fact that Are You Hot was some seriously underrated brilliance which I watched religiously and Lorenzo told me I could have been on. He didn’t say in what category, but I took it as a compliment and ran! I invented two dishes; a Renegade Rosemary Dulce de Leche Apple Empanada and a Spicy Harrisa Tuna Churro, just for Lorenzo and, as weird as they may sound, they were insanely delicious. Savory churros, they’re gonna sweep the nation. Mark my words.”

Cooking for celebrities also brings with it some special dietary needs. “Everyone has a special need and everyone has their restrictions. This is LA we’re talking about, Land of the Gluten-free and Soy-enriched. And of course we want every meal to be special. If our clients wanted regular food, they could cook it themselves or go to a restaurant. What I strive to do every time I cook is create something tastier, more interesting and more original than anything you’ve ever had before.”

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills returns Oct 12