Another beautiful day in Sona. The sun is shining, the sweat is glistening, and Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is digging his way out of prison. Haven't we seen this all before? Yes, yes we have.

(Beware, spoilers and sarcasm await…)

At least it lasted longer than the reign of Starscream

This week on Prison Break, a new sheriff is in town. The reign of Sammy (Laurence Mason) has begun. With Michael, Whistler (Chris Vance)and Mahone (William Fichtner) working diligently on the escape tunnel and Lechero (Robert Wisdom) sweating profusely up above, Sammy takes advantage of the little toy surprise that was included in his cigar box and tells Lechero that he is finished. The new leader then announces a bounty on the head of Michael Scofield. Lechero begins to sweat even more (if possible).

And on the outside…

Meanwhile, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) is doing internet research on Whistler. He seems quite exasperated that there appears to be more than one person in the world named Gary Miller. Lincoln really does look completely out of his league when he is conducting internet research. He is much more comfortable when punching people in the face. Hopefully, he will get to do more of that soon enough.

Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) enters, and he and Linc giggle about how they are SO fooling Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) with their ingenious plan. Then Sucre sets up a mysterious meeting for Lincoln. Only catch? The person that Lincoln is meeting with only speaks Spanish. Sucre has other plans, so that means that the dead weight, also known as Sofia (Danay Garcia), gets to contribute. Joy.

It turns out that the 'meeting' is with an arms dealer, and Lincoln is buying a bomb. Apparently, Gretchen was correct when she told Sucre that Linc the Sink needs a fulltime babysitter. That boy just don't quit.

Speaking of Sucre, he meets with Gretchen and feeds her a bunch of false information…and gets paid for it! Not thinking (common enough for Sucre) he stupidly wires the cashiers check straight to Maricruz. Uh-oh.

Sucre later calls another meeting with Gretchen (in order to plant the bomb in her car), and she threatens to kill Maricruz if he doesn't start handing over some real info. We all know how Sucre gets when the M-Word is dropped, so it should be interesting to see how he handles things in the coming episodes.

No training montage?

Back in Sona, Bellick (Wade Williams) is enjoying his status as the Rocky Balboa of the chicken foot circle of death. And, since he killed his last opponent, there almost certainly "ain't gonna be no rematch." T-Bag (Robert Knepper) informs him that if he challenges and kills Sammy, he will be allowed to join the gang and escape. Bellick, who possibly relishes being one of the cool kids more so than the possibility of escape, accepts.

There are complications, though. Bellick is clean out of acetone and is forced to fight Sammy without the aid of any substances. He is, of course, mercilessly beaten, but his life is spared when Sammy's minions find out where Michael has been hiding. Sammy runs to the tunnel room and Michael allows him entry. Michael promises to tell Sammy what he needs to do in order to escape; providing that Whistler is allowed to escape. Sammy accepts and sticks his head up into the hole to admire the handiwork. The tunnel collapses on Sammy's head, and he takes a literal and figurative dirt nap. Clever those writers are.

The obligatory cliffhanger

Lechero is back in control, and Bellick gets to live (and be part of the cool group). To no one's surprise, we discover that Michael sabotaged the tunnel prior to letting Sammy and friends in, thus technically committing his first murder. Mahone welcomes him to the club.

On the outside, Lincoln puts the moves on Sofia by promising to take her to Paris (and giving her a sweet keyring). Apparently that is enough for her, and she begins removing all traces of Whistler from her house. In doing so, she stumbles onto a shiny briefcase hidden in the corner of the closet. What could possibly be inside? Could Whistler be Gretchen's boss? Could he be everyone's boss? Guess we have to wait until next week.

About the whole "sugar" thing…

At one point Gretchen tells Sucre that his name means sugar in Spanish, and he confirms it. They then share a cute moment where she says that when she says his name she is "calling him sugar." That is all well and good, but isn't the word for sugar in Spanish azucar? Isn't Sucre a form of currency? Gretchen's ignorance can be forgiven, but shouldn't Sucre know the difference considering it is his name and his language? Or have five years of Spanish failed me?

T-Bag Quote of the Week

"Then I guess we'll just have to outsource." In response to Lechero saying that the two of them would not be able to take on Sammy in the ring.

Thoughts on this week's episode? Who is Whistler? What's in the box? Comment below!

Recap by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer