The boys are on the run once more on "Prison Break." Things pick up right where they left off last week, as Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) has taken out the power to Sona. Michael (Wentworth Miller) urges Lechero (Robert Wisdom), T-Bag (Robert Knepper) and Bellick (Wade Williams) to get moving because they only have 30 seconds to get through the fence. Smelling their freedom, those three make a dash across no man's land, only to have the power go back on just a little too soon. Seems like lil' Mikey set them up.

Bellick and T-Bag freeze, but Lechero decides to make a run for it and gets shot. Naturally, he is not killed, although the guards certainly seemed to be shooting to kill when Bellick's diaper wearing comrade made a break for it in the season premiere. Guess being a series regular has its advantages.

Michael quickly explains to the others that it was all part of his plan. Ok, so he needed a diversion. That makes sense. And yeah, it is also understandable that Michael would want to make sure that baddies like Lechero and T-Bag remain incarcerated. But poor Bellick? Hasn't he been through enough already? Unfortunately, no. For a good majority of the episode Bellick gets pummeled ruthlessly by the guards as they try to pump him for information. He was probably feeling pretty nostalgic for his days as a CO at Fox River or even for his time as a "Junkyard Dog" throughout it all.

Cover Ops

Amongst the pandemonium, Michael and the others audition for the feature film version of "Metal Gear Solid." Seriously, all of the crawling, rolling under trucks and avoiding spotlights/guards would have made Solid Snake proud...that is if Snake were a real person instead of a videogame character.

Eventually, the audition ends (with Michael winning the role of Snake), and they run through the jungle. They emerge at the beach and have a happy reunion with Lincoln. We finally find out what Linc buried at the beach ages ago (oxygen tanks) and McGrady (Carlo Alban) notifies the gang that he can't swim. There's always one who can't swim.

Just before they prepare to jump into the water, Whistler (Chris Vance) discovers that he left his magical bird book back at Sona under a truck. Lincoln gets stressed out (you can always tell because Dominic Purcell's Australian accent starts showing when Lincoln gets stressed out), and they depart. They swim to a buoy out in the middle of the ocean and wait for Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) to come and pick them up in a boat. Only one problem: Suc is still handcuffed and sitting in the guards' room in Sona. That pesky warrant for arrest thing, remember?

All is not lost! McGrady's dad, a late addition to the team on the outside, discovers that Sucre never picked up the boat and figures something is amiss. He then takes it upon himself to rent the boat and make his way out into the ocean. It's a pretty big body of water, but he of course finds them almost immediately. Go McGrady's dad!

The five waterlogged men quickly climb aboard the boat, and we realize that it is a happy moment. How do we know this? By the joyous and triumphant music accompanying close-ups of each character's face, of course! As they speed off into the sunset, the action switches to Sona where Bellick is getting mercilessly beaten by the guards. Nice transition guys.

And in Sona...

With Lechero bleeding profusely from his gaping bullet wound and Bellick knocked unconscious, the guards turn to T-Bag. They throw him down, and what do you know? He sees Whistler's magical bird book! He quickly pockets it before being hauled off to the guards' room for interrogation.

As T-Bag is getting questioned, he notices Sucre in the next room. Suc is finally being set free, but before he can get very far the crafty T-Bag alerts the guards that Sucre knows everything about the escape, and they grab him. They quickly discover that he is not Jorge Rivera but in fact Fernando Sucre: escaped convict. Seems like they should have realized that a long time ago. Background checks at hellish Panamanian prisons just aren't what they used to be.

What next?

Back to the action on the outside. Lincoln ignores Gretchen's (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) rendezvous arrangement and instead makes a break for the rented cabin. Gretch and company are right on their tail, thanks in large part to the tracking device that she planted on Whistler's watch. The oblivious Whistler apologizes...the question is, can we be sure that he was unaware of the bug?

Lincoln, Michael, Whistler and Mahone (William Fichtner) flee from the cabin and make it to an abandoned warehouse, which is where Lincoln hopes to make the exchange. But first, he has some unfinished business to take care of! He tells Mahone that he is going to kill him (for hunting them down, killing his dad, etc.) but takes entirely too long to explain why. Like James Bond villain long.

As Lincoln vents, Whistler escapes. One can assume that he is going to meet up with Gretchen on his own terms. Lincoln and Michael are suddenly distracted by Whistler, and Mahone sees his chance to make a run for it. In the end the two brothers are left standing outside with no Whistler. And Gretchen is on her way. Whatever will they do?

"Hell or High Water" was another strong episode of "Prison Break," and the season seems to be ending in style. The series is always at its most interesting when they are not in prison because anything goes at those times. Should be a doozy of an episode next week, as the preview promises "treachery, sacrifice and revenge." Ahh, the "Prison Break" promos are almost as over-the-top as the series itself. Gotta love it.

T-Bag Quote of the Week

"If I knew you boys in Sona partied like this, I never would have tried to escape." In response to a guard who tells him to take off his pants during interrogation.

What did you think of "Hell or High Water?" Excited about next week's season finale? What do you think will happen? Comment below!

Story by Derek Krebs
Starpulse contributing writer