William is in a royal rage after finding out the choice of godparents for his son George has been leaked to the media. Fergus Boyd, an old friend from his school days, has been chosen as godparent to Prince George and William is determined to find out who leaked the information to the press! Victoria Arbiter states via her Twitter thread “If the royal Godparent news is to be believed this'll be the 1st time W&K have had to deal with personal info being leaked from the inside.”

Despite William’s determination to provide the ultimate privacy for his son, already insiders who apparently are just as determined to tip off the press about his choices are thwarting his plan and future plans. According to Arbiter, a keen royal observer “There will be very few people who actually know. The godparents themselves, HM, the Prince of Wales, Kate's family and immediate staff; none of them would talk so if the rumors prove to be true William will be on the warpath.”

If leaks have occurred it will cause serious rifts between William and his friends, which have been strained of late since his withdrawal from their social life since his marriage and the attendant demands that have increasingly occupied his time.