Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is the latest young actress to reveal that she struggled during her teen years and resorted to self-harm.

The actress shared her candid story in the February issue of Seventeen magazine, explaining that she dealt with an eating disorder and destructive behavior brought on by wanting to please everyone and feeling the need to be perfect.

"I was the youngest daughter, the perfect little girl. My school was a very intense college prep school. So it was about wanting to please my father and mother and wanting to be perfect to everybody," she tells Seventeen.

"I just thought if I ever expressed to (my parents) any sadness or anger or anything that's going on with me, they would disown me. I kept a lot of it bottled up inside, and it turned into self-destructive behavior.

"I would withhold food or withhold going out with my friends, based on how well I did that day in school. Being a teenager is chaotic because you're kind of coming into your own, but you're not an adult; you're fighting with your parents over responsibilities and freedom."

Troian also says her difficulties led to confusion in her life.

"I didn't know what was right and what was wrong, so I think I created this bizarre system of checks and balances to create order in my world," she explains. "But it really backfired."

The actress also says she still has trouble with her insecurities.

She explains, "Sometimes I feel like I'm trying too hard, like I don't belong. I just look around at (co-stars) Lucy (Hale), Shay (Mitchell), and Ashley (Benson), and I'm just like, 'Why am I on this show?' Sometimes I've felt like a fraud. Like, I'm not like these other girls - I don't dress like that and don't know how to do my hair..."

Check out Troian's full interview in the February Seventeen, on newsstands everywhere now.