3. Aria

After Aria’s fear-fueled call, Jake ended up spending the night on the couch so she’d feel safe. Whilst sitting on the porch chatting with Spencer, Aria sneaked a peek or two at Jake dressing through the window and seemed pleased by what she saw. Though Aria tried to ditch him to meet Spencer, Jake talked her into grabbing a coffee together. Of course, Ezra was seated nearby, talking with Maggie, and spotted the pair with jealousy etched all over his face. He almost missed what Maggie was saying: she received a job offer in Seattle and would be moving Malcolm there with her, much to Ezra’s disappointment. He sought out Mrs. Hastings for a family lawyer’s number, but Ezra’d have to establish his paternity to even have a case, which would then only lead to a massive legal battle between him and Maggie. If he truly cares about his son, as we’ve seen he clearly does, then he’ll let them go. (Also, are we supposed to be suspecting Malcolm isn’t Ezra’s biological son, since Ezra’s name isn’t on the birth certificate? Please no–don’t go with that route, Pretty Little Liars.) Anyway, Jake wandered into Emily’s birthday party with a pretty blonde on his arm. Aria responded with obvious jealousy, and later, when Jake sat on her couch after the near-tragic party incident, the pair finally (finally!) kissed.

4. Spencer

With Toby still in New York, Spencer’s story line has largely stalled–she spent the episode attempting to question Jenna (who’d finally returned to Rosewood) after overhearing a conversation between Shana and Jenna about Alison. Her plan faltered when Jenna was discovered face-down in the lake during Emily’s birthday party. Unconscious in the hospital, Jenna won’t be answering any questions anytime soon. Convenient. But Shana reluctantly offered some information when Spence cornered her–it’s not Alison Jenna’s afraid of (since she’s, you know, dead) but Cece Drake. Hmm.

Lastly, Red Coat visited Alison’s house (as someone moved around with the light on in Ali’s old bedroom!) to open an entrance under the porch, and A played some piano music before stuffing the sheets of music into an envelope addressed to Toby.

That’s it, see you next week!

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