Quite a few dots were connected in last week’s episode.

We begin with Spencer. Family secrets begin to spill the more the Hastings’ family members dig. Spencer reveals to Melissa and her mother of her rejection to UPenn. Melissa didn’t seem too shock of it. Was the rejection a part of “A’s” games, and did Melissa have anything to do with? Later, using Melissa while she’s home for a few days, Spencer plants the mask of Melissa’s face in Melissa’s suitcase, who then finds it and goes to hunt down the curator. She finds all of her face masks and destroys them before throwing them into the lake. Spencer and Aria follow her and as Aria tries to dig- nothing worthy to be reminded of- information out of the curator, Spencer questions Melissa. Melissa hints that she may have been involved in Wilden’s death and that she must leave town to escape getting caught or attacked by “A.” [“A” is seen gluing the pieces of the masks back together at the end of the episode.]

Hanna’s mother, Ashley, is still under suspicion from the pretty little liars, and now Officer Holbrook and his new partner. They investigate Wilden’s safe box at the bank and tie the box to Ashley because she was the one that directed Wilden when he visited the bank. The investigators also begin to pop up more around the Marin family and Hanna and Caleb try to help cover up Ashley’s path.

Toby, who is beginning to be a bigger part of the story again, hunts down his mother’s Radley doctor. The doctor couldn’t reveal details of his mother’s death because he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but he did reveal that a blonde girl used to visit his mother. He refers to the blonde girl as someone who had bad intentions/or bought bad air. (Blonde girl, red coat…is “A” REALLY Alison?)

Just as Jake and Aria are heating things up, their romance is put on a halt when they run into Ezra’s son on the street. Jake finds it odd that Aria could be so close to her teacher’s son and (although not shown, but noted) he gets the details out of Aria about her past. In his own way, he gives Aria an ultimatum to either figure out what she wants, or forget about the past so that she can move on. He sees that she may still not be over Ezra, so he decides to give her some space.

Emily’s story is still being continued from the last episode. Her dad arrives home and is worried for her. He tries to confront Emily about the truth behind her accident and the pills and, not being able to reveal anything, Emily causes a big confrontation scene outside of their home. As “A” has been doing, the cops are called and Emily’s parents are under more scrutiny from family services. Not having luck with much in her life, Emily also finds out that she may not be able to swim anymore if her shoulder doesn’t heal, throwing away her college scholarship and plans to go to school with Paige. (Does it not seem like Emily has the worst end of the deal with “A” compared to the other liars?)

So, what do I think?

Every few episodes, the story line seems to not be going anywhere. With this episode, I felt though something big is about to happen in the next few. I am kind of enjoying seeing new faces and new characters because it is spicing up the story. If that wasn’t happening, I would have begun to lose faith in the show. For that reason, I give this episode a B+ because it kept me wondering what is going to happen next.  An A+ would have been deserved if Ezra was bought back into the story (my personal favorite) and of course if red coat is revealed. It’s about time we found out, right?