There are a few reasons why I have decided to name this recap “down under.” In all honesty, this episode was all over the place. There was entirely too much going on for a 45 min span. So, by concluding the entire episode into my “down under” topic, I will only mention the important details.

First, the girls investigate the blonde in the red coat’s living quarters “down under” the DiLaurentis house. They don’t find much except a clothing button and fall into a trap of almost getting shot in the eye with a needle.

Second, red coat managed to escape from Spencer and Emily after hiding out “down under” the haystack, in the vehicle they were driving. The girls all attend their school hoe down dance where Aria manages to score some great turquoise boots from Jake, and Ezra gets a nice pep-talk from Jake. That Jake, he has fallen under Aria's spell. The girls all have dates, their boyfriends, except Emily who doesn’t inform Paige that she will be there. Awkwardly, they run into each other but make up before the end of the dance.

Third, Toby is going to end up “down under” if he doesn’t let go of A’s gifts. A is still sending him clues to his mother’s murder but this time the clue almost get’s Toby put behind bars. He follows A’s leads to go investigate Dr. Palmer’s car. Caleb follows him to stop him, but Toby refuses. Just as he is about to break in, the cops pull up and Caleb and Toby make a dash for it. But…did they get caught?

Fourth, Hanna may be putting someone’s life “down under.” She pushes Travis, a new character who has details on Wilden’s murder, to confess to the police. His confession may save Hanna’s mom but his life in jeopardy.

At last, fifth, someone is bound to end up “down under” if you know what I am saying. I can see a murder happening soon, especially  after I saw “A” is stabbing a needle into one of her pretty little liar dolls.

The biggest revelations of this episode were the return of CeCe and the girls retrieving the red coat. Are these just more clues that will lead somewhere, yet no where?

So, what did I think?

Honestly, if they just completely ignore “A,” I think she will go away. But, I really would like to know who red coat is. It can’t be CeCe. Her reveal was too easy in this episode so it has to be someone smarter than her. My theory is that “A” is after CeCe as well, and that CeCe may be able to help the liars if they find a way to trust one another.

Also, the hoe down dance was a terrible scene. Nothing about it seemed real. Come on, only 20 people from the entire school showed up for the dance.