As if Emily’s life wasn’t complicated and kind of depressing already, she moves into the DiLaurentis house after an offer from Ali’s mom. After what we saw last week (red coat sneaking into the house), there are bound to be some answers that Emily now has the chance to find.  This come quicker than expected as they find what seems to be a squatter pad in the basement of the DiLaurentis house.  Emily notices that the squatter poked holes in the kitchen floor for someone to hear and see what’s going on above.

Wren is back, the one person who always seemed normal and not caught up in A’s web of deception turns out to be just another fly. Mona’s still playing the “I’m a murder” card even though no one believes her.

Ezra finds out that Malcolm isn’t actually his son (we saw this coming, did we not?) after he decides he wants a paternity test to fight for child custody. He calls Aria in his depressed state, but she doesn’t pick up because she’s too busy making out with Jake. Okay not at that moment, but they did have one passionate kiss on the steps after that.

Toby pays another visit to Dr. Palmer (Nick Tate) because he received some sheet music that his mother used to play. Spencer helps spark some memories in his head about Mrs. DiLaurentis. This realization turns out to be from a trick CeCe and Alison played on her mother; making her think Ali was a patient at Radley.  Mrs. D was never a fan of CeCe after that.

Hanna’s mom no longer has a lawyer since Veronica had to recuse herself because they are saying she bullied Mona into a confession. Maybe Hanna should have listened to Caleb when he urged her to go to the police and say A is back. A isn’t back, Caleb, A just never went away.