Step 2.5:  More Anger

After school, Aria goes to Spencer’s house to talk about the whole Ezra thing.  She expects sympathy and an apology.  She gets none of the former and half of the latter. Aria doesn’t blame Spence she knows A sent the text as her to Spencer, so it’s all A’s fault.  But was it really?  Spence doesn’t think so.  This falls on Aria’s shoulders for keeping the secret in the first place:  A may have pushed the explosion along but Aria lit the fuse. 

To say that Aria wasn’t expecting Spence to throw this back in her face would be an understatement.  She can’t believe that Hastings wants her to face up to her faults.  Mary Poppins this bitch ain’t.

Flash Back Sneak Attack:  Ali meets up with CeCe Drake at Camp May.  She is late!! As in, pregnant!!  She can’t tell the would-be father because if he found out he would kill her though.  It’s sad – seeing her, a young teenager playing a game that even women twice her age have yet to master.  But this whole scene would have been more explosive – if it hadn’t been alluded to a million times before, right?

And we’re back to our normal programming:  Hanna is tailing Paige in hopes of finding her meeting up with Caleb.  But she instead finds herself in a bar on ‘Ladies (Only) Night’ being eyed by multiple lesbian hotties.  Seems Paige is there for ….a date?!  With the black girl from the short clips (that used to work in the Halloween store).  They’re too engrossed in their conversation to see Hanna all up in their faces.  There is flirting but it’s unclear if Paige is all-out cheating.

Meanwhile Emily takes all her info over to Aria’s house where they decide that they need to tell the cops about Ali being maybe pregnant.  This crap never would have happened under Spencer’s supervision!  Em heads down to the police station and winds up giving the notebook over to Detective Darren just as Hanna is being dragged in for underage drinking. Her hotness nearly broke up two lesbians and she wound up with gin on her shirt and egg on her face.

She can’t even tell Emily about it because well that would mean revealing that Paige seems to be exploring her other options.  So she lies and bemoans her mother’s reaction to her latest eff up to change the subject. 

While they’re talking about that – they wander over to Detective Darren’s desk and see that he too was at Camp May!!  Could he be the father?  Did they literally just hand over evidence to a suspect?  Who is going to tell Spencer about this shit?!

Stage 5:  Acceptance (Stage 4: Depression is evident throughout the entire episode)

Speaking of Spencer, she is formulating her comeback.  She calls a shady guy and sets up a date.  Turns out it’s a private detective.  She wants Toby followed and the location that the key opens located.  Atta girl!!

Back at the Marin house, Ashley just wants to know if Hanna is exploring her sexuality.  And if a ‘pink drink’ is code for something gay.  It isn’t.  And Hanna doesn’t want to talk about anything else.

Aria shows up at Ezra’s house just as he is packing up his car.  When first asked, he tells her that they are okay.  But he isn’t sure when he is coming back to Rosewood (who else cheered?) and his tears suggest that they really aren’t okay.  It’s a sad moment that can’t hold its own weight in light of Troian Bellisario’s masterful performance.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Only 6 more episodes until the season finale!!

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