It’s Emily’s birthday and nothing says a Rosewood party like someone floating face down in the creek.  There’s something Jenna didn’t see coming, but really, she didn’t see it coming, she’s losing her sight again.  After Emily saved her, she realized that she had been hit on the back of the head and pushed in because of the blood on her shirt.

Jake comes to the party with another girl, which has Aria jealous. Their night ends in a little lip locking and the talk about starting a relationship. Meanwhile, Ezria is about to start the fight of his life as he tries to get custody of Malcolm.

Aside from the fact that Paige threw Emily this surprise party, their night ends in the realization that they  might not be able to make it through four years of separate states and colleges. We’ll have to wait and see if that actually pans out.

Hanna missed out on the party to stay with her mom who is finally out of the slammer, thanks to Mona, who is back in Radley. What Mona is going to do in there is anyone’s guess. The creepy look on her face when she got back to her old room definitely tells us something is up.

The biggest clue we received this episode is Jenna and Shana think it was CeCe Drake who hurt Jenna. Apparently they are afraid of her, wait so does that mean Alison is actually dead and not running around in a red trench coat?

Who’s actually going into the deep this episode? Ashley and Ted, or just Ted for posting Ashley’s bail (so we think). Maybe Jake and Aria or Ezira into this deep battle for his “son,” anyone else see that coming? They are all in a little deep, and most of them over their heads.