FX: B+

The Good: Damages and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. "Damages" pulls one of the best performances Glenn Close has ever given.

The Bad: Nip/Tuck. It had its time, and now it needs to go for the same reasons as "Desperate Housewives."

The Ugly: The lack of new programming.

Other shows on the network: Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy.


The Good: Mad Men.

The Bad: Like FX, the lack of new shows. Breaking Bad is also not as cohesive as it should be if it is second to "Mad Men."

The Ugly: Possibly The Prisoner, a mini-series premiering in November starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel.



The Good: True Blood. While its ratings have improved substantially, it should be ranked higher in HBO's history than Sex And The City. Bored to Death also looks incredibly promising.

The Bad: Not putting new episodes of "True Blood" up on Amazon or iTunes for purchase as the season airs. You want to see better numbers? This is how it's done.

The Ugly: It will be incredibly difficult to match Alan Ball's True Blood run.

Other shows on the network: Curb Your Enthusiasm


The Good: Everything.

The Bad: The eventual demise of Dexter.

The Ugly: Nurse Jackie if it doesn't find its tone.

Other shows on the network: Californication, Weeds


The Good: Party Down. It is one of the best dark comedies on television and a definite hit for Rob Thomas. If you loved Veronica Mars you can sit and watch each episode playing a 'find the Veronica Mars' actor' drinking game; although you may want to consider using soda to avoid alcohol poisoning. Jane Lynch's performance in the first season was incredible. Lynch is being replaced in the second season by Megan Mullally, as she is currently working on Fox's "Glee."

The Bad: Crash

The Ugly: The lack of marketing for "Party Down."

Story by Sarah Lafferty
Starpulse contributing writer

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