Former 'Ally McBeal' star Portia de Rossi says the hit show drove her to anorexia. But the lesbian actress - who is dating Ellen DeGeneres - admits she's "not proud" of her struggle with the eating disorder. She revealed to Vogue magazine: "I've often wondered if I wasn't on that show if [anorexia] may not have happened.

"I didn't really know at that point what it was like to be a celebrity, and the only people I knew at the time who had a similar experience were these women whom I worked with. They became my role models."

The 33-year-old says she's discussed her problem with DeGeneres - who's been a pillar of strength. She said: "We've talked a lot about this. I'm not proud of the struggle. When I was anorexic it just seemed like I literally wanted to disappear. And now I would like to reappear."

Fellow cast member Calista Flockhart - who is dating 'Star Wars' star Harrison Ford - was herself dogged by rumours of an eating disorder throughout the show's five year run. She's always denied the claims, saying: "I eat normally. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I don't have a messed up relationship with food.

"Am I anorexic? I guess my answer would have to be no."