Detectives Stone and Sanchez arrive on the scene of a murder. The other officers assume that it is another gangster that has been gunned down in the streets, but Stone corrects them letting them know that the victim is Calvin Gibbs – a college football player who is considered a local hero.

Meanwhile, Detective Fitch makes his way to the hospital to visit Detective Washington who was shot by a suspect at the precinct in the last episode.

Washington worries that his reputation of getting shot on his first day in the precinct’s homicide unit will precede him. Fitch tries to reassure him with a story about detective he worked with in New York who thought he peed his pants when he was in fact shot. The detective in the story was happy to know that he had been shot and hadn’t peed himself because he thought the latter to be more embarrassing.

In response to the story, Washington does not get the comfort Fitch was hoping to offer.

Detectives Longford and Mahajan arrive at another crime scene which is located outside of a wedding that is being held on a boat.

At Gibbs’ crime scene, Fitch is giving Stone a hard time. You can cut the tension between the two with a machete. Though Fitch doesn’t admit it, we are led to believe that he has animosity towards Stone because Stone is working with Sanchez and Fitch has strong but hidden feelings for Sanchez.

The victim, Calvin Gibbs’ older brother Terrance and his mother arrive distraught to find Calvin’s body lying in the street.

Back at the “Overboard” crime scene, Longford and Mahajan crash the wedding on the boat just in time to hear the victim’s family member ask “can someone find the groom.” Longford and Mahajan find out that the victim, Stan, was the groom at the wedding.

They inform his wife that her new husband is dead and she is noticeably upset at the news, who wouldn’t be?

Stone and Sanchez bring in their first suspect Speedy for questioning. They learn that Speedy was Gibbs’ friend and that Calvin and Speedy were together the night he died. Fitch determines that Speedy isn’t the killer and that his story checks out after he tosses a can of soda at him and he catches it with his left hand instead of his right. The location of Calvin’s gunshot wounds prove that the killer was right handed.

Speedy tells the detectives that a car opened fire on them and that he fled the scene after realizing that Calvin was dead. Stone lets Speedy know that Calvin was still alive because he was able to place a call to 911.

When the detectives ask Speedy about the bruises that were found on Calvin’s face, Speedy says that Terrance, Calvin’s older brother, caused the bruises.

The detectives wonder why Terrance would have reason to beat up his brother. That’s when they learn that Calvin took out a life insurance policy on himself, and one of the beneficiaries is his older brother Terrance.

Stone and Sanchez show up at Terrance’s place of employment (where he is the employee of the month, no less) and take him in to custody for questioning in cuffs after he tries to attack Stone.

In the interrogation room, Terrance reveals that he beat up Calvin because he wanted to give him tough love so that Calvin would stay out of trouble. He also revealed that Calvin was doing business with a guy, G.O.A.T., that was known as trouble and that he wanted to keep Calvin away from G.O.A.T.’s club.

Longford and Mahajan interview witnesses (with last names they have trouble pronouncing) for their murder case involving the dead groom.  All of the witnesses’ statements about the victim Stan’s character were less than pretty. One witness said that when the detectives find out who killed Stan, the detectives should thank him for him.

Stone and Sanchez arrive at a club to question G.O. A.T. who explains that his name is an acronym for “greatest of all time.” G.O.A.T. claims that he wanted to work with Calvin to grow his business of sports apparel and that he had nothing to do with his murder.

After leaving the club and arriving back at the precinct, Sanchez and Stone are informed that shots were fired at the club they just left from. When they arrive they find G.O.A.T. shot with paramedics trying to revive him.

He dies.

One of the witnesses sat that it was Terrance who shot G.O.A.T.

Stone and Sanchez find Terrance on the football field at Calvin’s school. The murder weapon used to kill G.O.A.T. is found next to him. Terrance admits that he shot G.O.A.T. by expressing that he was upset over the fact that Stone and Sanchez did not arrest him. Terrance is arrested for the murder of G.O.A.T.

Fitch visits a girl named Shawnna that he spoke with earlier in the episode. After reading a magazine and noticed the same name on her necklace in the headline of the an article in the publication along with a photo of her, he decided to go to her home and ask her more questions about her relationship with Calvin.

It turns out; Shawnna’s boyfriend, Derek, is the one who killed Calvin after Derek became jealous that Shawnna was seeing him.

Longford and Mahajan figure out that one of the brides’ bridesmaids met with the victim before he died. She admits that she and the groom had carried on a sexual relationship for a while and that they were going to stop after the wedding. The detectives are then informed by the coroner that their victim wasn’t murdered, he suffered a massive heart attack and hit his head on a railing as a result of it.

Stone tells Terrance that G.O.A.T. wasn’t the one who murdered his brother Calvin and that it was another guy named Derek.

After Fitch leaves from visiting Washington at the hospital, Washington’s wife expresses dissatisfaction with Fitch.

Just then, Fitch appears on TV in a press conference where he mentions Washington and commends him for his heroic qualities; proving that once you’ve made up your mind up that Fitch is heartless, he surprises you showing that he indeed has a heart.

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