Last week was the release of a pop/country infusion. Now before you turn to the next article at the word “country,” maybe the words “Kelly Clarkson” will keep your interest! Maybe I’ll also keep your interest by saying Amanda Bynes is on a roll this week with the celebrity insults.

But back to the musical aspect of pop culture! It is true that the one and only Kelly Clarkson has released another/a country single. “Another” if you believe her other single Don’t Rush is considered country, but “a” if you’re under the impression that this is her first. Because of this concoction of pop and country (something that Ms. Taylor Swift is doing no matter how much she denies it) I have decided to name Kelly Clarkson’s “Tie It Up” as this week’s Pop Topper of the Week.

So what is “Tie It Up” all about? At first guess you may think it’s a save-the-food-from-the-bear type of song. I regret to inform you that is not the case. It is in fact about marriage, the union of two people (or three in some areas…) and the ceremony that goes along with that.

The single was first premiered at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee this past June. She states that she was nervous about the reaction her fans and the crowd would give her, but also excited to be stepping this far into the country field.

For those who aren’t aware, Kelly Clarkson is finally engaged. The man is Brandon Blackstock, a talent manager in the music business.

In the single, Kelly sings “I love the ring of your name / You’re the ying to my yang / Oh baby, let’s give it a shot  / Every wall needs a frame / Every ball needs a chain / I’m talkin’ about tying the knot / Tie it up,” all to the background of happy-go-lucky country background music. Those lyrics are to the chorus of the song, something that is going to get stuck in your head super quickly each time “Tie It Up” plays on the radio!

Before you know it, you’ll be singing this song to your significant other or maybe even singing and dancing to it at your wedding reception. It’s a great karaoke song, a classic jam for employees sitting at their office desks and it actually has a happy ending!

“Tie It Up” was officially released on June 25th. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but this song seemed to be released perfectly with the overturn of DOMA and Prop 8.  Perhaps this new Kelly Clarkson song will accompany the wedding bells of all the newlyweds? Only time will tell. The song can be heard on iTunes, or by watching the video below:

So what do we think? Are we feeling a great country album from Kelly Clarkson? I think if she continues at this speed, we’ll be looking for great things from the power singer!