So August 2013 has arrived…ugh! Where did Summer go? SMH! But it's not too late to get some of that Summer-lovin. Whether it's "Dinner and a Movie", or just a night at home, there is definitely something on this playlist for everybody. Here's 15 Tracks to tackle August bay-bay (Dick Vitale voice)

1) Panic! At The Disco featuring Lolo

“Miss Jackson” 

Single (Fueled by Ramen)

Genre: Pop / Alternative

I know, I know, I know! The Fall Out Boy / Patrick Stump comparisons won’t die down with this new pop cut courtesy of Panic! At The Disco, but who cares? Similar to the lyrics on the addicting chorus which cleverly allude to Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit “Nasty” (“Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson are you nasty….But I love her anyways.”) I love this pop song anyways as well.  #TeamPanic

2) Cornell Campbell Meets Soothsayers

We Want to Be Free

From album Nothing Can Stop Us  (Strut)

Genre: Reggae / International

Who is Cornell Campbell? A veteran reggae artist with a killer falsetto…  This meaningful number tackles the issue of slavery and being free.  Yeah, maybe it’s not a jam to play for your girl- or boyfriend when you’re trying to incite the romance (catch my drift?), but it’s great for chilling on the beach… or backyard…or in the house.  The music provided by Soothayers is nothing short of awesome.  #FreedomMusic

3) Joe

I’d Rather Have a Love

From album DoubleBack: Evolution of R&B (Massenburg Media)

Genre: R&B

Believe it or not, R&B still lives! Sure, it’s not killing the charts anymore, but what would a date be without a good slow jam? Joe’s “I’d Rather Have Love” is a great, chill old-school adult contemporary joint.  Even better, he doesn’t oversex here in the least; it’s about genuine, monogamous love.  As hard as it is to believe R&B still lives, what about chilvary? Everybody claims it’s dead, right? #MonogamousLove