After a successful stint on the punk rock scene as guitarist for the 80's cult British band Slaughter And The Dogs, Mick Rossi took a turn at acting. He eventually conceived the idea for a "guerilla" style crime caper, but knew he would need the right cast to pull it off.

Powerfully connected to the Anglo/Irish ex-pat community, he persuaded Gabriel Byrne to sign-up for his hard-boiled gangster film. Through Byrne’s connections, other A-listers including Val Kilmer and Vinnie Jones signed-on to bring Rossi’s passion project to light.

Now nearly 20 years in the making, Played will be arriving in stores for everyone to see just what one can do with a little bit of will power and a lot of resilience!

"This is a Hollywood story, Mick was living in LA for about eight or nine years, he had no agent and found it difficult to get people to read his screenplays - he has this mixture of resilience and determination. It's so difficult to get any kind of film done today.... and to get a film done from scratch is incredible!" -Gabirel Byrne on Mick Rossi