As hip-hop culture progresses into its fourth decade, several artists long for the Golden Era of rap. Rappers of this time (the mid and late 1980s) strove to be the best lyricist and typically accented their wardrobes by wearing hefty gold chains, as evidenced by such MCs as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick. Consider Planet Asia a torchbearer for the rebirth of the Golden Era.

The veteran Fresno, California rapper's latest opus, Planet Asia as "Medallions" Jewelry Box Sessions: The Album, will be released on his own Gold Chain Music label June 26 and reflects the innovative, lyrically advanced, thought-provoking and sonically diverse music typical of the Golden Era of rap.

Who Planet Asia is today is a rapper who is lyrically advanced in the tradition of East Coast rap while being raised on the gang-infested West Coast. His duality is reflected on the hard-hitting "Havin' Thangs." Produced by Da Riffs, the cut contains pounding drums and an intense piano section, making it a perfect backdrop for Planet Asia's boast-filled raps. "It's a perfect street single," Planet Asia explains. "It has a West Coast feel to it, but it also has the East Coast bounce. It's easy to mix with other songs and it has a big sound."

Now, Planet Asia combines all of his various interests and backgrounds into Planet Asia as "Medallions" Jewelry Box Sessions: The Album.