It might be hard to stand out next to Josh Holloway, but P.J. Bryne is making a go of it by trying to bring a little humor to his role of Nelson Cassidy on CBS’s Intelligence, which airs on CBS Mondays at 10 pm ET.

I recently spoke by Byrne via email to learn more about Intelligence and ask him if he was a fan of Holloway’s former show, LOST.

For those who haven't had a chance to watch Intelligence yet, what are the three things you would tell them to get them to watch?

I'll give you 5!

1. Josh Holloway takes his shirt off.

2. Meg and Marg are hot.

3. Michael Rady puts the handsome in handsome.

4. John Billingsley makes smart look and sound damn sexy.

5. I don't take my shirt off.

How did you come to audition for the show?

Well, we were back in pilot season and my agents sent me this great script and the sides for my character. I remember reading it and saying to myself...yes! This is the one. I met and read for our great show-runner Michael Seitzman and producer Tripp Vinson and the rest is history.

You've done quite a number of movies—why did you want to do a weekly TV show?

First of all, I think there are some incredible stories being told on television and incredible characters that facilitate those stories. I honestly believe Intelligence does both... great story, great characters.

Also, I just had a new baby girl and having a10 minute commute to the Disney lot every day to shoot Intelligence makes for a real a nice life.

Describe the relationship your character has with your on-screen father?

There is a lot of love between me and my Dad played by the superb John Billingsley. The problem is I am a little needy for him to show it...and unfortunately he is a man married to his work.

That's why I really join him in his efforts... to be close to him.

I also, don't love the fact that he dotes on Josh's character so much instead of me. But when all the chips are down I know he will always be there for me... and I for him.

Any fun set stories yet?

We might have snuck on to the Muppet Movie set… and watched the filming... we felt like the spies we play on TV. Our director of the episode took out his iPhone to take a pic and got busted!

He deleted the pic and everybody hugged and made nice. So what did I learn... never ask a director to be a spy. 

Your character hasn't really been out in the field yet—will that change over the course of the season?

You bet it I will!!! I can save the world just like Josh Holloway can... except he looks way cooler and stronger and hotter doing it.

Damn him!

What are some fun story-lines and episodes coming up that you can tease for fans?

You will see me be an action star! By accident of course... but an action star nonetheless. Maybe while trying to save the world from a nuclear something or other or maybe some plague. I don't know... well I do... I'm just not allowed to officially say.

And finally—just curious. Were you a LOST fan? If so, any fun conversations with Josh Holloway you can share talking about his former show?  

I remember Josh in passing said people and friends always ask him questions about LOST. He said it didn't bother him but.... I never asked him. I mean, I didn't want to be the first one to annoy my boy Holloway with a question about LOST.