The title track has already been heard on Pit Boss, and is more of an accomplishment considering the circumstances behind its creation. "We had a very short notice that we we're going to perform a song for the show," revealed Billy, "so we literally had to put that song together in one day and then perform it live on TV the next.  Something like that wouldn't be possible if we didn't all share the same vision."

Something else they're all united in is their commitment to share some of the EP proceeds with charities close to their hearts. "The goal with the charity portion of the EP is to donate a portion from the proceeds to one dog rescue per month in need for the next year," explained Sebastian. "Depending on the EP sales, we have some in mind we would like to help out over the next 12 months. Some have helped us out on Pit Boss, and we would like to say thanks for all of their hard work.  [They] include Fur Baby, Karma Rescue, Angel City Pit Bulls, and Pet Orphans. We have more rescues we plan on helping out in the future."

In addition to the EP, Sebastian, Ronald and Post Trauma also shot a music video for the title track. "The music video was an incredible journey too," Sebastian continued. "We had friends come all the way down from Fresno to help us out who had never acted before.  I was amazed at their talent and their enthusiasm with the music video and the end result was incredible.  It was really cool to see them perform as well as they did and totally go with the flow on how everything was put together and shot. We're very grateful to the cast of the music video for all of their hard work.

"Our good friend Jerry Brunskill of Wow and Flutter Media helped us with the camera work, let us set up the sets at his house, and did an excellent job at making a really cool music video come to life!" he added. "It wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Jerry.  Big thanks, man."

"I think it’s important to know that this was a homegrown effort that was focused on the meaning and message each song had to relay to the listener," Billy told us. "Sebastian, Ronald and I spent hours talking about each verse and chorus, making sure we were all capturing the same emotion they had to offer. 'Destruction,' for example, is about two good people who could have otherwise spent a long time together, but were pushed apart by circumstance.  For that one, I covered the walls with photographs and just basked in the memories for a good half hour before pressing 'record.'"

So what's next for these three musicians? Post Trauma has a new album on the way, and Sebastian and Ronald haven't ruled out the idea of a full-length release expanding on Risen, either. "Right now we just want to release the EP and enjoy the completion of our first few songs," said Sebastian. "Then we'll decide, as a group, if we will continue with the idea of a full length album.  We're having so much fun with this, it will be no surprise if we do!"

Risen is now available on iTunes. You can also follow Sebastian, Ronald and Post Trauma on Twitter (@SebastianRisen, @RClark19, and @PostTrauma).

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