The woman who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping on a pull-out couch earlier this week has been identified.

Tatiana Neves Barbosa, aka "Tati," made a short video of the singer while he slept after a party at the mansion he rented in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, according to numerous sources. 

Despite reports that she's one of the two prostitutes that Bieber allegedly brought back to his party house on Friday night following a night out at the Centauros brothel, she's more likely one of the 30 girls from the Zax nightclub that he brought back to his rental on Saturday night, all of whom were reportedly required to sign a contract and hand over their cell phones for the night.

We guess Tati somehow smuggled hers in to the party. Somehow.

The curvy 26-year-old Brazilian is actually a model and part-time bodybuilder who won the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant,according to London's MailOnline.

"Justin was asleep in his villa when the video was taken," a source said. "There were a bunch of guys and a bunch of women hanging out, not prostitutes. He fell asleep and someone walked in and took a picture."

Tati likes posting images of herself in bikinis to her Facebook page, check some of them out below...