Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva began with Jane being distraught over Grayson’s continued sadness and disappointment about losing the loves of his life.  Jane asks Fred to take Grayson out. Fred mistakenly thinks Jane wants him to murder Grayson, she says no she wants him to take Grayson out to make him feel better. She also says she feels it will help Fred feel more like a man, bonding in a relaxing setting over beers and gripping about their problems. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker go to see Dr. Audrey Foley whom they think is in the middle of a divorce dispute but find out it’s quite different and more complicated then they anticipated.

Kim and Parker meet with Dr. Foley who tells Parker that there’s no divorce dispute, she’s suing her employer the LA Metropolitan Museum for custody of Louis XV her endangered flower? After the museum’s plant of the same species Louis XIV dies, the museum wants her plant that she grew from a seedling. Kim has doubts about her ability to win the case when they find that their strongest argument against the museums more credible right to ownership is Dr.Foley’s obsessive love for the plant.

Meanwhile, Terri tells Jane, Stacey is in her office waiting to see her. Stacey tells Jane that she has a case for her; she wants her to defend their former sorority chapter president Kristin Mulraney. Jane doesn’t want the case because she holds a grudge against Kristin for taking away her sorority pin.  Stacey convinces Jane to take the case and Jane meets with Kristin.

Jane meets with Kristin and Kristin tells Jane she wishes to sue the casino she went to for coercing to go in with a spa getaway. She then tells Jane they took advantage of her when she was intoxicated and coerced her into gambling away $50,000. Kristin tells Jane she’s done extensive research on it and the casinos lure people in with deals like her free spa day, and once they are inside people are excited by the jingling of machines, oxygenated air, music and free drinks. Jane says she feels for Kristin but she gambled and lost she’s got no case. After, Kristin tells Jane and Stacy that she has Parkinson’s disease and Jane soon realizes that her memory lapses were not caused by the alcohol but her medication, which caused her from remembering the times she fell more than once in the casino due to her level of intoxication and reaction to the medication. They then view the casino’s security tapes that show Kristen being helped up by one of the casino’s employees and then guided to another machine when she was clearly intoxicated and unaware of what she was doing.

In court, Jane argues just that, that the casino not only encouraged her to drink but let her get drunk in order to gamble her money away.  Jane cross-examines the doctor who examined Kristin after she fell and hurt herself in the casino. Jane asks him if having Parkinson’s and the medication Kristin was on could appear that she was drunk.  The doctor says no.

Meanwhile, back at Harrison & Parker Fred invites Grayson out to the bar to watch a baseball game. When Grayson asks what game Fred is clueless, they go to the bar and Fred realizes the game that was supposed to me on is on the next day.  With Fred creeping him out, Grayson finds a friend in waitress Cassie who coincidentally happened to be an old friend of Deb’s.  When finds out she is jealous and upset, it’s not the kind of cheering up she was hoping for.

Kim and Parker’s case seems to be an uphill battle with the feud between the museum and Dr, Foley not dying down. Kim begins to support Parker’s love angle of “object sexuality” to fight Dr. Foley’s custody of Louis and Terri’s research provides the evidence they need to win the case. Terri has discovered that museum planned to sell Louis the XIV to a private collector, but when it died, they went after Louis the XV to receive a six-figure payout. However, since Dr. Foley cared for the plant since it’s inception and the museum never planned to, the judge rules in favor of Dr. Foley to provide the best possible care for the plant giving her custody.

Back at the office, while making notices to send to past casino guests to see if they were coerced into gambling like herself, Kristin reveals to Jane the confiscation of Deb’s sorority pin was to save her from being kicked out of the sorority entirely by the national board. After Deb threw an unauthorized toga party and a fire broke out, Kristin convinced the board it would never happen again and not to kick Deb out because she knew how much the sorority meant to her and instead take confiscate her sorority pin.  Fred then interrupts telling Jane if found some new information involving her case. It seems that the casino preyed on people who participated in a Parkinson’s study including Kristin.

After winning their case, it is revealed that Dr. Foley’s affection for Louis XV was more about money than love. Dr. Foley disappeared with the plant and later revealed that she has sold the plant to the original collector that the made the deal with the museum in the first place garnering a big paycheck for her. Parker and Kim realize they were duped but also realize that love is more important than money when they decide to no longer deny their feelings for each other.

Jane, Kristin and Stacy, go to the medical clinic where Kristin’s initial Parkinson’s study was conducted to find out how the casino got the list of participants. After talking with the staff, they learn that the odds of becoming addicted to gambling increase 300% when someone is on Parkinson’s medication.  Jane learns that the Dr. that originally examined Kristin was the casino’s doctor who lied and concealed information and was the one responsible for sharing the patient list.   Jane wins her case with Kristin getting her $50,000 back from the casino and as a thank you; Kristin gives Jane an honorary sorority pin.

Jane is less than pleased to hear Grayson is seeing Cassie again and tells Fred she thinks Grayson could do better.  She admits to Fred that it also scares her because her and Cassie were good friends and very much alike, so if she thinks could do better than Cassie it means she thinks he could have done better than Deb. Fred tells her that’s because she’s changed and improved since becoming Jane and has set higher standards for herself and holds those same standards for Grayson. She has more confidence and thinks of herself in a higher regard which in turn elicits higher expectations which is a good thing.  Tune in next week, to see if Jane’s new admirer will get her in hot water.