Special Double Issue Features 119 Super Hot Guys We Love: Super Brits; We ? the 90s; Cool Cats; No Shirt, No Problem; Beard or No Beard and More!
PLUS: Ed Sheeran: “My Struggle to Stay Sexy” and John Stamos: “How I Stay Sexy at 50”
And: A Salute to Jon Hamm’s Package

He cries at movies, can’t wait to be a dad, and loves being naked! Who wouldn’t want to join Team Adam? In this week’s special double issue, feast your eyes on PEOPLE magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” 2013, Adam Levine. The 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer got very personal with PEOPLE at a mansion in Miami. He opened up about all his passions from music and yoga to his penchant for being nude (the mental images!). The Los Angeles-raised star insists he’s finally ready to settle down with his fiancée, 24-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, and appreciates how his role as a judge on NBC’s hit series, The Voice, has catapulted him into a new realm of superstardom. “I’ve entered a certain air space in my mind where I think to myself, ‘This is great,’” he explains of his success. “And it doesn’t need to be any better than this.”

On being named PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” 2013:

“As a musician you have fantasies that you want to win Grammys, but I didn’t really think that this was on the table. It’s totally surreal, funny and amazing.”

Who’s going to give you the hardest time?: “I’ll suffer the most from the band – they’ll catcall and objectify me – but Blake Shelton might give me the most crap. You guys should have given it to him. He’s a sexy cowboy.”

Blake’s reaction? “Hey, Adam, congratulations on becoming PEOPLE magazine’s sexy man! I always knew your look would come around…It’s so inventive! I mean, that combination Pee-Wee Herman-meets-Eddie Munster vibe drives the women crazy! Just remember,” he adds, “I always loved you for what’s on the inside. Your boyfriend, Blake.”

The best pickup line is…: “Let’s have sex, cool? I don’t know. When I was young, I had to use the band. I had no game.”

What were you like in school?: “I was a mess. I had really bad acne and hid under a hat for a couple of years. I had no confidence. Music got me through all that.”

What’s the sexiest lyric you’ve ever written?: “I was 20 or 21. It was the first time I was ever dumped. I had the covers over my head and I wrote this song called ‘Woman.’ ‘If I could bottle up the chills that you give me, I would keep them in a jar next to my bed.’ That’s the best line I ever wrote in my life.”

Like your sexiness with an accent? English stars Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne, Jamie Dornan, Jonny Lee Miller and more “Super Brits” should be just your cup of tea! Also featured in a section called “Cool Cats” are Ian Somerhalder, Gilles Marini, Norman Reedus, Max Thieriot, and Ricky Gervais cozying up to their favorite felines. Seductive singers, sultry movie stars, and all the other tantalizing A-listers who made 2013 one of the hottest on record are featured in “Men of the Year”: Robin Thicke, Scott Eastwood, Hugh Dancy, Michael B. Jordan, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Sheen, Aaron Paul, Terry Crews, Tony Goldwyn, Ronan Farrow, and more. The 22-year-old British singer Ed Sheeran writes the column “My Struggle to Be Sexy,” where he explains why he still can’t figure out why so many female fans think he’s red-hot. John Stamos reveals the movie-inspired lessons he’s learned in “How I Stay Sexy at 50.”

For more on Adam Levine and “Sexiest Man Alive” 2013, pick up PEOPLE’s 12-2-13 issue on newsstands for two weeks starting Friday, November 22. Please credit PEOPLE and link to www.PEOPLE.com/SMAReveal for behind-the-scenes video and more.

“Sexiest Man Alive” 2013: ADAM LEVINE

Men of the Year:

Michael B. Jordan
Aaron Paul
Robin Thicke
Michael Sheen
Hugh Dancy
Will Yun Lee
Joel McHale
Tony Goldwyn
Chadwick Boseman
Terry Crews
James Wolk
Bill Hader
Jonathan & Drew Scott
Bobby Cannavale
Andy Samberg
Scott Eastwood
Ronan Farrow

A Complete List of PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” Over the Past 28 Years:

1985: Mel Gibson
1986: Mark Harmon
1987: Harry Hamlin
1988: John F. Kennedy Jr.
1989: Sean Connery
1990: Tom Cruise
1991: Patrick Swayze
1992: Nick Nolte
1993: Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford (“Sexiest Couple Alive”)
1994: None
1995: Brad Pitt
1996: Denzel Washington
1997: George Clooney
1998: Harrison Ford
1999: Richard Gere
2000: Brad Pitt
2001: Pierce Brosnan
2002: Ben Affleck
2003: Johnny Depp
2004: Jude Law
2005: Matthew McConaughey
2006: George Clooney
2007: Matt Damon
2008: Hugh Jackman
2009: Johnny Depp
2010: Ryan Reynolds
2011: Bradley Cooper
2012: Channing Tatum
2013: Adam Levine

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