On paper, Showtime's monster mash horror-drama Penny Dreadful sounded like a mess. Take the classic monsters of literature and the silver screen and throw em' in a televisual blender with the ever-squinty Josh Hartnett as the lead Press puree and stand way way back because the cheese is gonna' fly. Seriously, anyone who saw the very sorry screen adaption of Alan Moore's phenomenal comic book "The League of Extraordinary Gentleman" knows what I'm blogging about. Fortunately, Showtime knows their stuff and having Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan running things gives us an atmospheric and gory creepshow that somehow manages to avoid overkill. Hartnett squints aside, Eva Green commands the screenn in a sexy "crazy girl with crazy eyes who smites monsters" way. And Timothy Dalton as the aging African explorer dude can't chew enough scenery. Seriously, he probably sent out for some more when he was through with all the scenery he had around him. But he somehow pulls it off and makes his elder statesman character likeable.

But they're beside the point! We're watching Penny Dreadful for the monsters! Stop reading now if you haven't seen the first episode and want to be surprised!

Ok? So far we've visually clocked or heard mention of Frankenstein and monster, the age-defying Dorian Gray, Jack the Ripper, and Dracula's favorite morsel Mina Harker. Who do you think the show's going to dig up next? Here's our vote: