As a writer, I live and die by my keyboard. When I get a new computer, one of the first things I do is buy a decent keyboard—usually from Logitech. (That’s what I’m typing on right now.)

So I was nervous when I was offered the chance to try a new keyboard. It’s not just a matter of getting used to where the Home, End and Page Up/Down keys are, but it’s getting used to a new “feel.” But the Penclic Mini Keyboard looked like an interesting device and I wound up trying it out over the last few days.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is, as advertised very small, but the keys are full size and have just the right heft to feel like you’re actually typing on it. They’re quiet to the touch which can be a good or bad thing—depending on whether or not you like hearing your keyboard.

It hooks up to your computer with a nano-sized USB-receiver—so you won’t have a giant stick plugged into your computer. The rechargeable battery supposedly lasts up to two months before need a recharge.

I used the Penclic Mini Keyboard at my desk for a few days but found it was a bit too small and it was too hard to pull away from my Logitech one.

However, the Penclic Mini Keyboard seems ideal for computers hooked up to televisions like the PC gaming system I’m currently testing. It’s stylish enough that you wouldn’t mind leaving it on your coffee table and the USB range is plenty long.

I wish, however, they had put Bluetooth inside because it would be a great keyboard for use with tablets.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is available now from a variety of outlets including It retails for $69.95 and you can learn more at

* Disclosure: A review sample was provided to the reviewer for the purposes of this write-up. *