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Hollywood out of ideas: Discovery channel's "Deadliest Catch" to become a movie - The Live Feed

The only thing worse than nearly falling off a ski lift is having your pants ripped off in the process and dangling upside down for all the world to see - Bitten & Bound

Cindy Crawford bans "Hannah Montana" from her home; says it's a bad influence. Just like posing for Playboy back in '98 was - Allie Is Wired

New "Lost" Trailer:

If Everything In Life Came With Warning Labels - Cracked

Dude from "Stargate Atlantis" and Lisa Bonet give their child the worst celebrity baby name EVAR - WWTDD

Mystery Roar From Far Away Space Detected - Yahoo!

As if the record books weren't permanent enough:

Are Brad & Angelina already married? - Hollyscoop

10 very funny "Unnecessary Censorship" videos - Uncoached

Epic Fail: morons doing impressions of famous people on YouTube - Uncoached

Quote of the day:

Heidi Montag is STILL after that elusive thing we all call "attention" - Superficial

British "glamour" model Lucy Pinder has the hots for Megan Fox. Humina. - IDLYITW

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