Parks and Recreation has always been one of the leading causes of smiles on television. That sounds extremely cheesy but it’s absolutely true. The show’s underlying theme always connects in someway to love, happiness, and doing good for people. There’s no other show on television that has managed to be so full of wonderful people being amazing friends and commendable civic leaders without crossing the line into soapbox lesson of the week.

The sixth season one hour premiere only further proves my point. There are so many moments of pure happiness and love in addition to the tons of laughs in “London.” So…

Ways “London” Confirms That Parks and Recreation Is The Most Joyful Show On TV:

1. Ron and Diane

The show picks up right where we left off: at the realization that Diane (Lucy Lawless) is pregnant. Any other show may have had an episode or two of hemming and hawing about whether it was the right time, were they ready for children, could they make that commitment, and so on.

Instead Ron immediately proposes. He reveals that he has built a canoe specifically to propose. “Anything, my love,” he says. “Ask me for anything in the world and I’ll give it to you… except a destination wedding.” They decide to get married on the fourth floor of the government building, with only Leslie and April by their side. It’s the least romantic wedding scene ever but it works perfectly. Diane has a colorful bouquet of highlighters. Leslie reacts only as she can. “This is like a waking nightmare… of happiness.”

2. Leslie VS Pawnee

One of the most prevalent threads of the series is how much undying, unconditional love Leslie has for her town and its wackadoo residents. She works nonstop to better the town. Unfortunately, the major storyline this season is that the town is fighting back against her kindness. Leslie does everything she can to earn their love, even creating a 40 step plan for success that includes her listening to every little complaint, no matter how small. But there’s nothing she can do to ever satisfy them. The local newspaper even puts her name as an answer for “Who’s the worst?”

Even though Leslie ends the episode a little disheartened that the ungrateful citizens of Pawnee will never appreciate how much she’s done to make their lives better, she’s starting to learn how to love the town without anticipating too much. Ron tells her, “You choose a thankless job, you can’t be upset when nobody thanks you.”

3. Leslie and April

The catalyst for the episode’s London setting is April’s loving-gesture toward Leslie. She has nominated her for an award for women in government. Leslie and four other women from around the world have won the award. These other women, Leslie discovers, are so adored by their towns that they get goat cheese statues in their honor and other shows of love. All Leslie wants is to feel like she’s appreciated by at least one Pawnee citizen. So, even though it goes against all of her need to shroud everything in negativity, April reads Leslie the letter she sent to the award committee. It’s filled with wonderful, tear-inducing praise about the woman who could transform even the most black-cloud-loving-girl into somebody who wants to make a difference in the world. I dare you to find a sweeter moment on TV.

4. Leslie and Ann and Chris

Leslie and Ann’s friendship has always been one of the best female friendships on television. Leslie has been known to gush over her friend (tonight she called her a “sunfish.”) So, when Ann and Chris are finally ready to announce that she’s pregnant (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) they can’t find a satisfactory response. Tom invades their sonogram during his own obnoxious storyline, Donna guesses on her own using her superhuman powers of observation and awesomeness, and Gerry just creeps them out. It’s not until Leslie finds out that they get the response they’ve been looking for. “This day a thousand years from now will be celebrated as the beginning of a new and better human race.”

Ann’s pregnancy may be a way to usher Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe off the show, but it will be devastating for this amazing, positive friendship to not be on screen every week.

5. Andy and English Andy

Ben and Andy, who are still working in the charity department of Sweetums, tag along on the London trip to try to get some money from Lord Covington. The man seems like a lighthearted, humorous business man with millions to his family name. However, the more time he spends with them, the more obvious it becomes that he is really just Andy with an English accent and access to money. They both get excited about playing with remote control helicopters and discovering if the thing they saw at the window was a goose or a plastic bag. It’s a match made in heaven. So, Andy decides to stay in London for a few months to help Covington set up the new foundation. Hopefully we’ll be able to witness it.

Other Amazing Moments from “London”:

  • As Ron and Diane get married, Leslie stands behind them, barely in frame, jumping for joy and making unintelligible excited noises.
  • Ron’s middle name is Ulysses.
  • Leslie spent some of the short wedding ceremony looking up what Webster’s dictionary definition of friendship is for her two second speech.
  • Ron: “I just assumed you were lying.” April: “Thank you.”
  • Tom thinks the person who is trying to destroy him is Jason Statham or Lebron James. Donna thinks it’s Akon. But it’s really Fonzie. Much better!
  • Andy: “I can’t believe we’re at Hogwarts!” Ben: “Hogwarts is fiction… do you know that? It’s important to me that you know that.”
  • “My love for her trumps my hatred of Europe.” –Ron about going to London with Diane, but she stayed home because of morning sickness aka they couldn’t get Lucy Lawless for the full episode.
  • Andy lost 50 pounds in 1 month from not drinking beer.
  • Ron on Big Ben: “Look a clock, we don’t have that in America.”
  • Andy tries to explain ice cream to Lord Covington.
  • April drinking tea with her pinky up.
  • Leslie: “Let’s go walk past Collin Firth’s house again.” April: “Who is that?”
  • Pawnee made a pinata of Leslie’s face which every one in town hit. To add insult to injury, it was filled with broccoli.
  • Leslie sends Ron on a wedding-gift travel to a mystery location, which ends up being a secluded hilltop and beer factory. It brings him to tears because that’s what this show is about.