I'm going to be brief. There were three plots going on this week, all of which had some cute moments.

Donna accidentally used the Parks Department twitter page to send a personal tweet, and the scandal gets blown out of proportion by those who want to recall Leslie. Donna says it was just a mistake, but Jamm and the other enemies of Leslie uncover Donna's private twitter account, wherein she is constantly complaining about Leslie (#bitchboss). Later, however, it seems that Donna is also talking about how great Leslie is and how she's kicking ass with this whole recall thing. Donna and Leslie have a conversation in which Leslie apologizes for being annoying sometimes, and Donna apologizes for complaining about her.

For the first time (maybe ever) Jamm was funny to me. I liked how he flat out stated that the purpose of the trial was media coverage and an attempt to blow things way out of proportion. I also liked focusing on Donna in this episode. She's not a character who gets a lot of serious moments, and there was a good balance here.

Ron and Ben's plot centered around the fact that Ron does not have a will, and Ben thinks he should, because he now has a family to look after. This plot was probably the weakest for me, because it was yet another example of Ron being anti-government but finally caving due to his new family. I did find Ben's attempts to make accountant jokes funny, and I thought it was hilarious that Ron apparently has a fortune big enough that his children would never have to work a day in their lives. It was also very touching that in the end Ron and Diane decide that if something happened to them, the kids would go to Ben and Leslie.

The third plot involved guest star Tatiana Maslany! I was really excited to see her here. She played Nadia, a representative of Doctors Without Borders looking to set up a station to give out free shots at a park in Pawnee. Tom is immediately smitten and attempts to get her to stay by making her fill out unnecessary paperwork and continuously changing his outfits and offering her daiquiris and picnics and all sorts of other stuff. April, meanwhile, decides to help Tom get the girl. In the end, Nadia asks Tom out.

This plot was pretty cute! I especially liked April's role in events. However, Nadia's character wasn't as fleshed out as I wanted it to be, especially in the hands of such a great actress. I guess there really isn't much time in a sitcom for a character to get development in one episode.

I'm not going to remember this episode as anything truly stupendous, but it was fun.