Ann Perkins seems to be the least likeable character on Parks lately (well, ever since the third season really) and although this episode was supposed to focus on her, it was instead hijacked by Chris, Ben, and Ron, who took part in what was perhaps the single greatest moment in the show so far, with all three of them suffering from horrible food poisoning. But more on that in a minute.

Ann's plot this week hinged on her desire to have a baby despite the fact that she has no love interest. This of course caused much controversy with Leslie, who didn't approve of Ann's choice of father, the ever hilarious shock jock "The Douche." Leslie attempts to thwart Ann's plan and ends up doing Bill Cosby impersonations in a pool of jello, which sounds funnier in writing than in reality. This plot was servicable but overall it felt like the writers were once again trying to give Ann something to do on the show.

Luckily, Chris, Ron, and Ben stole the show. The three of them (and Tom, who insists that he's a "foodie" but only takes photos and never eats anything) try out caterers for Ben and Leslie's upcoming wedding, and they end up getting food poisoning. Hilarity ensues as Ron claims that he "cracked the bottom of his toilet bowl," Chris debates on whether or not he could date Shawna Tweep after he died, and Ron knocking the phone of Chris's desk only for Ben to dial the numbers on it with chin. It literally had the potentially to make you sick with laughter.

April and Andy also had an excellent side plot involving April trying to host one of Leslie's public forums. One of the town residents stood out in particular when he demanded (along with a cheering crowd) for a topless park. April, who tried to imitate Leslie, just stood there and took it until Andy forgot to bring her Leslie outfit (yes, April decided to take the idea of imitating Leslie so far that she wore her clothes) and encouraged April to just be herself, which finally made someone stand up to the residents of Pawnee (and it's about time for that). 

"Ann's Decision" was a strong episode overall that unfortunately featured a weak main storyline. Chris, Ron, and Ben had the best moment in the show since Andy's impersonation of "Roadhouse" last season though, and April and Andy also shared some great moments. If there's one thing that should be noted about "Parks," it's that it never seems to have a bad episode.

Memorable Quotes:

"I'm going to get twelve eggs and part of a dead animal, dealer's choice."

"Which Ann is screaming like a maniac, oatmeal Ann or catfish Ann."

"You've accidently given me food that my food eats."

"Honestly, you look hot naked."

"Fleetwood Mac sex pants."

"With God as my witness, they're dead to me."

"That was the Douche talking."