The stars of hit TV show Parks And Recreation filmed three versions of the season four finale to make sure fans don't find out the ending.

Filming on the fourth series of the comedy, which stars Amy Poehler as a mid-level bureaucrat, recently came to an end and the producers went to great lengths to keep the storyline under wraps.

The series will finish with Poehler's character facing an election, and co-creator Michael Schur has now revealed the outcome was filmed three times and could change at the last minute.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We shot actually three different endings, partially because we want to make sure that the one we are choosing is the right (one) and we reserve the right to change our minds and also partly just to confuse people... There may be (a last minute switch)."

"We wrote it in such a way that everything up until the moment we played that scene, it could go either way... We have the ability to choose Path A, Path B or Path C. We'll wait to edit it, see how it plays, see how we all feel about it and then we'll make our choice."