Paris Jackson's recent suicide attempt might have something to do with the death of her father, Michael, according to a top Beverly Hills child psychiatrist.

Dr. Fran Walfish said that the upcoming anniversary of her father's death may have been a contributor to the state of mind that led her to attempt to kill herself.

"This month marks the fourth anniversary of her beloved father, Michael's, death," Walfish tells "Anniversaries like this are particularly vulnerable times for surviving close family members. Paris's mother, Debbie Rowe has said Paris has 'a lot going on'. Certainly, we can all guess the possible reasons for her desperate actions.

"Here's the bottom line: No person attempts to end their life unless they feel there is no one available who truly understands and connects with them emotionally... Often, children's individual needs are missed. The takeaway here is that Paris will likely need good psychotherapy to develop a trust-based longterm relationship with someone who gets her.

"People who feel no one understands them are vulnerable to wanting to join a beloved deceased parent or family member. Given Paris' personal circumstances and the anniversary of her father's death she was a high-risk candidate for suicide."

Walfish also says that Paris's family needs to provide round-the-clock supervision and companionship after she's released from the hospital.

"Everyone must now set aside their personal battles and self-centerd objectives and make Paris and her emotional health front and center priority number one," she says.

Last year Paris told Oprah Winfrey in an interview that she's been bullied at school, as well.

"There are kids at my school who talk so bad behind my back and they don't think I can hear them," she said.

Dr. Alvin Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, told MSNBC's PoliticsNation that the loss of her father and being in the public spotlight -- especially with her family's current lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live over the wrongful death of Jackson -- hasn't helped.

"It's very clear that she suffered a serious loss by her father dying, a loss of a whole sense of stability, security, of who she is. It's an enormous amount of psychological pressure for her to be able to handle," he said.

"[The public scrutiny] in itself can become another pressure," he adds, "another stresser that really makes it more difficult for her to get through the grief and recover from the death — if she ever can — of her father."

June 25 marks the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.