Paris Hilton is giving her singing career a second chance. Here's a teaser (thankfully) of her new song; Jared Hess's new film "Gentlemen Broncos" looks fantastic; and a skateboarder shows us what happens when the top half of the body keeps going while the bottom half stops. Russell Brand promotes the MTV VMA's (he's the host again this year) with a West Side Story themed promo; "Winkers" are an upcoming fad that hopefully will get stopped short, and Looner's "I Love My Tamagotchee!" Check 'em all out!

Oh dear Lord, Paris Hilton is going to release new music. Here's a clip of her upcoming single, "Platinum Blonde". At least the torture lasts for under a minute...

"Platinum Blonde"

Sam Rockwell & Jennifer Coolidge star in Jared Hess' latest film, "Gentlemen Broncos". You might remember Hess from a little film called Napoleon Dynamite. This looks like another great one...

"Gentlemen Broncos":

Skateboarding off propane tanks ends in faceplant fail:


Watch this year's VMA host Russell Brand boogie down an NYC street while he sings about selling Moonmen for sexual favors and hoping to see Katy Perry and P!nk kiss in his VMA version of 'Tonight'. This video is one of many in a series of West Side Story themed VMA promo videos, and its actually kind of amazing, (in a creepy sort of way).


'Winkers': new pants with butt-cheek designs that move when you walk. Totally cheesy. (Would you wear these? Let us know below in the comments.)

Winkers Pants

Indie pop band Looner just released the single "I Love My Tamagotchee!" and are set to release an EP this fall...

"I Love My Tamagotchee!":

Image © Albert L. Ortega / PR Photos