School's starting and the boys are hot and ready for a new crop of girls. At South Beach University, Gloria (Paula Garces, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle) and her naive freshman friends join a whirlwind tour where anything goes - free love, girl on girl action and much more. Life becomes a series of hilarious adventures from condom roundups to naked parties. But when Victoria (Paris Hilton, The Simple Life), the queen of mean, declares war on the freshman, things really get hot.

Pledge This! is a hilarious comedy in the over-the-top tradition of National Lampoon comedies like Animal House and Van Wilder.

Co-starring in the film are Paula Garces, Holly Valance, Simon Rex, Geoffrey Arend, Kerry Kenney, Sarai Howard, and Sarah Carter. Also featured are Amanda Lee Aday, Bianca Lawson, Noureen Dewulf, Diva Zappa, Rick Najera, Alex Thorpe, Amanda Rowan, Sofia Vergara, Carmen Electra and Randy Spelling.

National Lampoon's "Pledge This!" comes to DVD on December 19.

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