Paris Hilton has bought half of her favourite London nightspot. The heiress-turned-actress is a regular at The Collection which she will co-own with Geoffrey Moore - the son of former Bond actor, Roger. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Paris loves London and whenever she's here she always goes wild for the party scene."

The Collection is also a favourite party venue for Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton. The insider added: "This is just a start for Paris and her family would like her to make more investments in London bars."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Paris didn't know London was in the UK. The sexy 'Simple Life' star made the shocking revelation during a pre-trial hearing for her libel case, in which she is accused of planting a fake story in New York Post newspaper.

The story suggested Zeta Graff, who once dated the star's former lover Paris Latsis, started a row with her in a London nightspot. When Paris, 24, was asked if the story appeared in the UK, she replied: "No. There is stuff in London." When her lawyer pointed out that London is in the UK, the blonde said: "Right. UK. Whatever."