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Who says septuagenarians don't like a little action every now & then?

The ugly face of defeat - Daily Mail

Playing with food: 15 awesome pieces of food art - Oddee

New 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' trailer looks great! - I Watch Stuff

"What's dumber than Heidi Montag?" - Agent Bedhead

Find Out How to Do (Almost) Anything at WikiHow - PC World

Britney's life endangered by fan who wanted to dance with her - IDLYITW

Kong have bad hair day - Gabby Babble

A Sneak Peek V Magazine's Sexy Swimsuit Issue - Gabby Babble

Google Rents Goats To Replace Lawnmowers (we’re not kidding-- ohh, that's a baaad pun) - TechCrunch

Those'll leave some dumb-looking tan lines - Pop Crunch

Please, Mr. President, Put the Twitter Down - Wired

Back by popular demand: The top 10 sluttiest wedding dresses - World of Isaac

Epidemic, pandemic, whatever...

Eminem's gruesome new "3AM" video/short horror film, in which he plays a serial killer, debuted on Cinemax on Saturday.

"I love the idea of marriage and making babies - but not yet. Not until I'm 30. I basically chew my birth control tablets... like vitamin C." Singer Katy Perry is desperate not to get pregnant.

"I had a penis implant!" heartthrob Robert Pattinson jokes he needed a little help during nude scenes in new Salvador Dali biopic Little Ashes.

A Budweiser beer factory in California doubled for the engine room of the Star Trek spaceship in the new sci-fi film.

"There was a couple of times I made the enormous mistake of working out with Hugh... He's just, like, bench pressing cattle... It was just humiliating and awful, the whole experience. I finished it and I was in such pain... I had to go to a massage place." Working out with Hugh Jackman left Ryan Reynolds in agony.

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