Pamela Anderson has created her own vegan milkshake for Millions of Milkshakes in was joined by PETA in West Hollywood on Friday for the official launch of the tasty new treat.

Pam's new shake is created with vegan ice cream, pineapple, coconut and banana; and she's thrilled that hers is the first vegan shake served at the shop.

But the "Baywatch" babe-turned-milk-maid says the shake's flavor is nothing new. "[It's] what my kids like, what I make for them at home," she says.

When asked about her "Dancing With The Stars" routine she mentioned she's working very hard to perfect her Rhumba, addind, "I've been doing that all morning so I'm dying for a shake."

Anderson isn't the first celeb to have her own signature shake at Millions of Milkshakes - Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton and David Beckham all have one too.

The actress has been a vegan for 15 years.




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