Pamela Anderson made a shocking revelation while launching her new charity during the Cannes Film Festival in France on Friday. The former "Baywatch" star opened up about the horrible sexual abuse she endured as a child.

While discussing her The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which focuses on environmentalism and animal rights activism, she told a crowd of 200 people about the personal hell she experienced as a young girl.

She explained:"I feel now might be the time to reveal a few of my most painful memories. At the risk of over-exposing myself, again, or being inappropriate, again, I thought I might share with you why I am doing this."

The former Playboy pin-up had previously revealed she was raped at age 12. She told the audience a female babysitter molested her when she was just 6 years old, and she was later gang-raped.

Anderson said, "I did not have an easy childhood. Despite loving parents, I was molested from age six by a female babysitter... I went to a friend's boyfriend's house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon which led into a back massage, which led into rape. My first heterosexual experience. He was 25 years old and I was 12." In addition, a high school teenager "decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends. I wanted off this earth."

One of Anderson's pals, British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, was devestated by the news.  She told Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "I did not know she had been through all of that. I have known her a long time now and we are really close."